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Unisa LLB programme receives thumbs up from CHE

Unisa has warmly received the great news from the Council on Higher Education (CHE) with regard to the accreditation of its Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme.

Following its review of the Improvement Plan (IP) submitted by Unisa, the CHE confirmed in a report dated 09 November 2017 that the accreditation outcome of the Unisa LLB degree has been revised from ‘Notice of Withdrawal of Accreditation’ to ‘Reaccreditation subject to meeting specific conditions’.

The CHE noted in its report that Unisa has adequately addressed the issues raised in the initial National Review of the LLB programme that led to the issuing of a ‘Notice of Withdrawal of Accreditation’ to some institutions, including Unisa. These are:

  • Addressing all identified flaws in the design of the curriculum
  • Providing clarity on how policies for teaching, learning and assessment are aligned with the distance mode of teaching, including mechanisms for quality assurance and feedback to students
  • Composition of student guides to adequately meet the needs of students and the expected level of the modules

The university has committed to addressing fully and timeously the fourth issue, which the CHE has rated as only partially addressed and which has been put as a specified condition for accreditation. This condition pertains to strategies for student support; and the identification and monitoring of at-risk students.

“Indeed, we welcome this affirmation of the solidity of our LLB programme by the CHE, and also take note of the outstanding condition that must still be met by the university. We commit to pulling out all the stops to ensure that this matter is addressed fully and adequately; and by the deadline of 10 May 2018 as set by the CHE. We need to assure our students that we remain committed to offering programmes that are solid and of the highest integrity”, said the Acting Dean of the College of Law at Unisa, Professor Omphemetse Sibanda.

Professor Mandla Makhanya, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Unisa said that this is great news for the university and an affirmation of the solidity and integrity of Unisa’s LLB programme.

He said that congratulations are in order for the sterling work done by the team working on the Improvement Plan, under the leadership of Professor Gugu Moche, Vice-Principal: Teaching and Learning, Community Engagement and Student Support and Professor Sibanda. This includes the LLB Task Team, administrative staff in the College of Law and representatives of Unisa’s National Student Representative Council (NSRC).

“It is through such hard work and dedication that the Unisa brand and our programme offerings continue enjoy the respect of all our stakeholders,” said the VC.

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Publish date: 2017/11/24