Department of Religious Studies and Arabic

Dr MA Rafudeen

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Department: Religious Studies and Arabic
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 429 6307


  • BA, Religious Studies and History (University of Cape Town)
  • BA (Honours), Religious Studies (University of Cape Town)
  • MA, Religious Studies (University of Cape Town)
  • Phd, Religious Studies (University of Cape Town)

Fields of academic interests

  • Sufism in South Africa
  • Religion and the secular

Field of Specialisation

  • Islam in South Africa
  • Islam and modernity
  • Sufism


Book chapters:

  • Yousuf Dadoo and Auwais Rafudeen, A. (translators), 2015, “Introduction” and “Issues pertaining to Belief” in The Way of the True Salaf: Theory and Application, by Sayyid Muḥammad ibn ‘Alawī al-Mālikī,,Edited by Shafiq Morton, International Peace College South Africa, Cape Town, pp 26-120.

Journal articles

  • Auwais Rafudeen, 2013,  “The Orion Cold Storage saga: Debating “halaal” in South Africa” Alternations: Special Issue 6 “Research in Religion, Education and Society”
  • Auwais Rafudeen, 2014, “I must strive to rectify myself and the people of the whole world”: Portraits of Sunni traditionalist activists in South Africa”, Journal for Islamic Studies [University of Cape Town], Volume 34
  • Auwais Rafudeen, 2014,  “The study of religion as passionate engagement: the visionary sensibility of Talal Asad”, Journal for the Study of Religion [South Africa] 27,2,  43 - 65
  • Auwais Rafudeen, 2015, “Practices and knowledges: corollaries to an Asadian theme”, Religion and Theology  [Unisa/Brill] 22, 1-2,  pp 153-178
  • Auwais Rafudeen, 2016, “On the nature of human rights: A South African reflection”, African Human Rights Law Journal, Volume 16, No.1, 225-246
  • Auwais Rafudeen, 2018, “Resisting the statist reduction of the self: on the effects of Shaykh Yusuf’s anti-politics”, Alternation, Special edition 23

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Member, Association for the Study of Religion in South Africa
  • Recipient of Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholarship for postgraduate studies
  • National Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship 2003-2004