Discipline of Practical Theology

Prof Marilyn Naidoo

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Tel: 012 429 4547
E-mail: Naidom2@unisa.ac.za


  • Doctorate in Practical Theology (DTh), 2005, University of Zululand

NRF Rating


Field of Specialisation

  • Empirical Research in Theology (CGM 3704)
  • Faith Development (CGM 2604)
  • Religious Education and Christian Ministry (PTH4803 /PTH422C)
  • Theological Education
  • Diversity within Christian practice
  • Spirituality/ Spiritual Formation


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Books chapters:

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Journal articles

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Professional positions, fellowships & awards

Local Academic Memberships:

  • Member for the Society of Practical Theology South Africa (PTSA), from 2003 to current
  • Executive Committee member for the Society of Practical Theology South Africa (PTSA), from 2010-2014
  • Member of the Society of Spirituality of South Africa (SPIRISA), from 2009 to current
  • current 
  • Member of Association of the Study of Religion in Southern Africa (ASARA), current

International Academic Memberships:

  • Member of International Academy of Practical Theology (IAPT), from 2011 to current
  • Member of International Seminar on Religious Education and Values (ISREV), from 2012 to current
  • Member of International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE), from 2015 to current
  • Member of Advisory Committee of Global Forum of Theological Educators, from 2015 to current

Editorial Boards

  • Editorial Board member of the Journal of Practical Theology in South Africa from 2010 to current
  • Editorial Board member of the International Journal of Adult Theological Education (JATE), from 2011 to current
  • Editorial Board member of Religious Education Journal of Australia (REJA), from 2014 to current

Professional Bodies:

  • Board Member of Professional Body (SAQA/QCTO) Association of Ministry Training Practitioners, from 2014 to current
  • Evaluator of Theological Programmes at the Council of Higher Education (HEQC/CHE), from 2009 to current


  • 2008-2010 NRF Thuthuka Grant holder (principal)
  • 2011 Pre-proposal grant by SANPAD (SA-Netherlands Partnership for Alternatives in Development). Colloborative project on Religious Identity in public schools
  • 2012 REDCo II Research, Grant from College of Human Science, UNISA
  • 2013 Leadership in Research Women Award - College of Human Science
  • 2013-2015 NRF Thuthuka Rating-Track Grant holder (principal)
  • 2017-2019 NRF CSUR Grant holder (principal)


Project 1 – African Theological Advance – Integrated Ministerial Education in African theological institutions: 2018-2020

The project will conduct a descriptive and theoretical study on integrative ministerial formation within Protestant theological institutions incorporating African values such as communalism, cooperation and interdependence. The goal is to evidence a holistic approach, combining both curricular and extracurricular activities in an educational plan, which embraces concern for the students' spiritual and vocational as well as academic development. This project is hosted at the Baptist Theological College, South Africa with three research sites: South Africa, Ghana and Zambia.   

Project 2 – National Research Foundation – Multicultural Congregations and Social Cohesion: 2017-2019

Multicultural congregations are well equipped to articulate powerful, discursive justifications for social reconciliation. Although not common in South Africa, there are congregations that successfully reach across race and cultural lines to attract adherents. This study seeks to present a theory of congregational identity to account for why some congregations succeed at accommodating multiple racial groups in a society where religious life remains overwhelmingly segregated. Masters and Doctoral bursaries are attached to this project.

Project 3 - National Research Foundation - Culture and Formation in Theological Education: 2013-2015

The aim of this ethnographic study was to understand the critical role of institutional culture in relationship to student formation. Special focus was given to understand how theological institutions deal with diversity within this institutional culture and how these interactions of dealing with diversity form and prepare future religious leaders.

Project 4 - REDCO II – Religious Diversity in Catholic schools: 2012-2013

Collaborative follow-up project: Religion in Education. Contribution to Dialogue or Conflict in transforming societies of European Countries (REDCo). The aim was to establish and compare the potentials and limitations of religion in the educational fields of selected European countries and South Africa. The main theoretical stimulus was the interpretive approach to the study of religious diversity.

Project 5 - National Research Foundation - Spiritual Formation in Theological Education: 2008-2010 

Descriptive study on the practice of spiritual formation within Protestant theological institutions with the aim to develop a Scale as an assessment tool to test the spiritual formation emphasis. This study highlighted spiritual and moral values in the theological education process that affect the quality of religious leaders trained.