Department of Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology

Prof Lukwikilu Credo Mangayi

College of Human Sciences
School of Humanities
Associate Professor
Tel: 012 429 4616


  • BSc (Rural Development)
  • HDEA (Adult Education)
  • Licentiate Diploma (Theology)
  • Certificate (People centred development)
  • MTh (Missiology with specialisation in Urban Ministry)
  • DTh (Missiology with specialisation in Urban Ministry)

Currently teaching

  • Capstone: Integrated theological praxis

Fields of academic interests

  • Mission and Sustainable community development
  • Mission and education
  • Transformative urban mission
  • Transformative rural mission
  • Oiko-missiology and local economic development

Field of Specialisation

  • Transformative urban mission (in relation to homelessness and poverty)
  • Mission in African cities and local economic development
  • Ecogical dimension of Missio Dei
  • Theology/missiology and socioeconomic development
  • Faith-based sustainable development discourse


  • Nel, RW & Mangayi, LC. 2014. “…no longer invisible…” Justice and healing for the individual in the City of Tshwane. In Pavement Encounters For Justice. Doing Transformative Missiology with the homeless people in the City of Tshwane (First edition), edited by TD Mashau and JNJ Kritzinger, 01/2014: chapter 4: pages 70 -83; AcadSA Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-920212-88-9. (November 2014)
  • Mangayi, LC. 2014. Rape and sexual violation against men: the experiences of the homeless community in the City of Tshwane. In Pavement Encounters For Justice. Doing Transformative Missiology with the homeless people in the City of Tshwane (First edition) edited by TD Mashau and JNJ Kritzinger, 01/2014: chapter 8: pages 130 - 149; AcadSA Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-920212-88-9. (November 2014)

Journal articles


  • Mangayi, LC. 2018. Township churches of Tshwane as potential change agents for local economic development: An empirical missiological study, HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 74(3), pp. 1-12


  • Mangayi, LC. 2017. ‘Conversions in context: Insights from an autobiographical narrative of a Congolese-born missionary at Stinkwater”. In Missionalia 45 (1), 77 – 91.
  • Mangayi, LC. 2017. “Not just numbers!” Homeless people as potential economic contributors in Tshwane. In Development Southern Africa 34 (4), 450 – 467.


  • Mangayi, LC & Ngcobo, T. 2015. A vision for peace in the City of Tshwane: Insights from the homeless community. In HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies Volume 71, Issue 3, 2015. Pp 1-9


  • Mangayi, LC, 2014. Why do African Old Testament Scholars not write on Song of Songs? In Journal for Semitics. Vol. 23 No 2ii. 823 -840 (December 2014)
  • Mangayi, LC. 2014: Mission as local economic development in the City of Tshwane: Towards fostering grass roots, ‘glocal’ alternative vision, with specific reference to Luke 16: 19 – 31. In HTS Teologiese Studies/ Theological Studies 70(3), Art. #2744, 9 pages. 20. (November 2014).
  • Mangayi, LC. 2014: Poverty, marginalisation and the quest for collective wellbeing in the context of homelessness in the City of Tshwane. In Missionalia, Vol. 42(2), November 2014
  • Mangayi, LC. 2014a: Mobilising the local church for social justice and reconciliation: Theological / Missiological reflections on the ministries of the Baptist Union of South Africa (1996 – 2011). In The South African Baptist Theological Journal, Vol. 23, 2014. 132 – 149 (September 2014).


  • Mangayi. LC & Lowe, N. 1999. Holistic mission and ministry in SA: the Letlhabile experience. In The South African Baptist Journal of Theology, Vol. 08, 1999

Paper presentations


  • Imagining an alternative local economic development for Tshwane. Paper submitted at the Society for Urban Theology under the theme "Innovative and prophetic local expression of sustainable livelihoods and alternative economic activities”.


  • “Hidden God, hidden people and hidden beauty”. Paper delivered at the Urban Consultation. Theme: Celebrating God in the city. The Urban Consultation is an event that engages church leaders, practitioners, academics and corporate leaders involved in urban ministry.


  • Economics and poverty in the city. A workshop facilitated at the Urban Consultation.


  • Christian leaders in civil society, social development, health and medicine. A track facilitated at SACLA II (Pretoria)
  • Development management with particular emphasis on community development praxis: operating within a biblical contextual integrated framework. This manual was sponsored by Tearfund under the auspices of Centre for Lifelong Learning – White River/RSA


  • Total Transformation. A training manual developed under the auspices of Centre for Lifelong Learning in partnership with Tearfund. The content of this manual was inspired by the work of John Steward (WV Australia) on Biblical Holism.
  • Church planting and community development. A paper facilitated the Urban Consultation in Pretoria.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

Membership of academic societies

  • SAMS (Southern African Missiological Society)
  • IAMS (International Association of Missiological Societies)

Current editorial boards:


  • Faith-based action and urban regeneration
  • Pathways out of homelessness
  • Christian Action for Local economic Development


Supervision topics (degrees awarded):

  • 2019: PhD in Missiology – Thesis: Mission and HIV/AIDS prevention in Sterkspruit Parish, Eastern Cape: New insights from an evaluation and a critique of Education for Life Programme of the Roman Catholic Church
  • 2019: MTh in Practical theology and mission – Title: A socioeconomic strategy to formulate a pastoral and missional ministry as a response to unemployment in local Baptist Churches in Kimberley.
  • 2015: MTh in Missiology- Title: “Investigating Environmental Degradation Theologically: A Challenge for the Uniao Baptista de Mocambique, (Union Baptist Church of Mozambique) with Particular Focus on the City of Nampula.

Current supervision topics:

  • PhD in Missiology on “Dealing with Mission Drift in Parachurch Agencies:  An analysis of Holistic Mission of Christian NGOs/NPOs”.
  • PhD in Theology (Missiology) on “John Scott strategies for missionary work: Missiological perspective for Gemena Church in Democratic Republic of the Congo”
  • PhD in Theology (Missiology) on “Phenomenological study on manifestation of ancestral veneration related to death and their social – religious implication among Iteso Adventist along Kenya-Uganda border”.
  • PhD in Theology (Missiology) on “Global innovation in Theological Education of the Global Leadership Development: A missiological Study
  • PhD in Theology (Missiology) on “The development of under development in South Africa: The Theological Interpretation of Matthew 28:16-20”.
  • PhD Multi-, inter- or transdisciplinary on “Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) as a tool of Community Transformation in Nepal”
  • MTh in Theology (Missiology) on “Shepherding in an urban area: Lehae-Johannesburg / South Africa”
  • MTh in Theology (Missiology) on “Encountering the local faith communities, community members and stakeholders about both their place in the creation and impact of pollution in Orlando/ Soweto”.
  • MTh in Theology (Missiology) on ‘La mission de l’église face à la spiritualité de peoples migrants: Réflexions sur deux paroisses Baptistes à Johannesburg ».