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Ghanaian-born Swede earns PhD in Information Sciences from Unisa

On 12 April 2024, Baaba Bonuedie (36), a Ghanaian-born resident of Sweden, defied the odds to graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Sciences from Unisa, Muckleneuk Campus, Tshwane. Her story exemplifies Unisa's global reach and ability to empower students to positively impact their communities, even from afar.


Baaba Bonuedie

Choosing to pursue her PhD at Unisa speaks volumes about the university's global reputation. Bonuedie was inspired to study at Unisa by her former Professor, Perpetua Sekyiwa Dadzie, a Unisa alumna and Associate Professor at the University of Ghana, who encouraged her to pursue a PhD in Information Science.

Bonuedie, who works as a Data Governance Expert in Sweden, explained that her research focused on Knowledge sharing strategies for poverty eradication amongst rural women in the Northern Region, Ghana. Her thesis explored how information access and sharing could empower rural women and contribute to poverty reduction. This research aligns with Unisa's commitment to social justice and development, particularly in Africa.

Prof Madeleine Fombad, Bonuedie's supervisor, commended her valuable contribution to the field. Bonuedie's proposed knowledge-sharing strategy has the potential to equip rural stakeholders with a framework to enhance women's knowledge creation, exchange and utilisation in the fight against poverty.

Beyond her academic achievements, Bonuedie's story underscores the importance of family support. She expresses immense gratitude to her husband, Moses Bonuedie, who provided childcare during her field research and unwavering encouragement throughout her PhD journey.

On her profile, Bonuedie describes herself as a seasoned information management expert driven by a passion for digital evolution, proficient in deploying archival systems and educating personnel on optimal methodologies. She prioritises information security and adherence to data privacy regulations.

Baaba Bonuedie's story is a testament to the university's transformative power of quality and accessible education that transcends geographical boundaries, empowers individuals, and fosters positive change within families and communities. As Bonuedie embarks on her career as an information management professional passionate about digital transformation, her dedication to knowledge sharing and empowering women will surely inspire others. 

* By Godfrey Madibane, Acting Journalist, Department of Institutional Advancement

Publish date: 2024/04/19

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