College of Human Sciences

Getting to grips with lockdown

Puleng Segalo, psychology professor from the College of Human Sciences at Unisa, shares some advice about mental health during the lockdown because of COVID-19.

She says since South Africa is a complex society, the lockdown is not going to affect people in similar ways. Therefore, it’s important to look at it from a multidimensional perspective, and reflect on how possible solutions could filter into different experiences that people are having with the lockdown.

Segalo urges people to use the platforms put in place for support if they require it. There are doctors and psychologists providing their services for free; people need to enquire about where to find these in their areas.

She also said it was important to engage on social media moderately, as there is an information overload, which can become overwhelming.

Lastly, the lockdown has provided an opportunity to reconnect, not only with yourself, but with your loved ones and with your community - coming together as a collective and as a people. In doing this, together, and showing Ubuntu for one another and caring, we can beat this pandemic.

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* Compiled by Rivonia Naidu-Hoffmeester, Communications and Marketing Specialist, College of Human Sciences

Publish date: 2020-04-09 00:00:00.0