Strengthening bonds and empowering change

In a display of unity and dedication, the Unisa Alumni Relations Office recently hosted an alumni Women's Day breakfast at the Sun Windmill Casino in Bloemfontein. The event highlighted the deep connection between the alma mater and its graduates. It not only celebrated the accomplishments of the alumni present but also emphasised the importance of their continued support for the university. As Unisa embarks on an era marked by its first female leader, Prof Puleng LenkaBula, the event underscored the need for alumni to rally behind her vision and contribute meaningfully to the university's mission of serving humanity.


Unisa alumni at the Women's Day breakfast

With a history spanning 150 years, Unisa has consistently fostered strong ties with its alumni. These connections are more than just nostalgic reminiscences; they are a steadfast foundation during favourable and challenging times. The Women's Day breakfast was a testament to this unbreakable bond, showcasing the alumni's enduring commitment to their alma mater.

Dr Stanley Nhlapo, Regional Centre Manager of Unisa's Midland Region, welcomed attendees to the event by acknowledging the influence of graduates as loyal and influential university supporters. He remarked that LenkaBula's leadership should serve as a call to action for women to stand united in propelling the university's vision forward and contributing to the sustainability of the university. Such contributions are not limited to financial support but include sharing their knowledge in community service and supporting their fellow alumni and current students.


Dr Stanley Nhlapo


Dr Genevieve James

Dr Genevieve James, Deputy Director of Community Engagement and Outreach, captivated the audience with her insights into the transformative power of women within communities, regions, countries and the world at large. She urged attendees not to wait for governmental solutions during trying times but to harness their skills and drive to create positive change.

James said: "Unisa's alumni carry the hope in society." She encouraged graduates to ask critical questions, act with determination, and channel their acquired knowledge toward serving their communities. Her words resonated deeply, prompting attendees to commit to using their skills to effect change in the world around them.

The Women's Day breakfast inspired a robust response from attendees. Alumni volunteered their services and skills to engage in meaningful projects organised by Unisa's alumni chapters. These initiatives include establishing alumni scholarships, which will benefit current and future students. The event's sponsors, Sun Windmill, the Pink Drive and Protea Hotels also contributed to the cause, underscoring the support of the wider community for Unisa's initiatives.

The event showcased the unwavering commitment of alumni to their alma mater. Their collective spirit and dedication affirmed their role as torchbearers of hope and positive change. The bond between Unisa and its alumni continues to grow stronger, promising a future in which education truly serves humanity.


* By Cilla Boucher, Alumni Relations Officer, Unisa Foundation and Alumni Relations

Publish date: 2023/08/29

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