SAICA states unambiguously that Unisa’s accounting programmes remain accredited

Following recent misleading reports in the media on the status of the University of South Africa’s programmes accredited by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), the institute has, in a press release issued on 11 July 2022, reiterated its previously communicated stance that Unisa retains its SAICA accreditation and, moreover, that graduates who already hold a SAICA-accredited Unisa qualification should rest assured in the knowledge that their qualifications are fully accredited.

The full statement by SAICA reads as follows:

SAICA confirms that it has not withdrawn its accreditation of Unisa. In SAICA’s recent accreditation visit to Unisa, areas of improvement were identified for which Unisa has already submitted a plan to address the matters outlined in the SAICA report. Institutions of higher learning have previously been in a similar position and have successfully implemented the relevant remedies.

The philosophy behind the SAICA accreditation is one of partnership between the education provider and SAICA. This means that both parties see SAICA accreditation as a process. In the recent past, SAICA has not de-accredited any education provider and SAICA works with each of the providers with the goal of the programmes maintaining SAICA accreditation in the interest of the students on the programmes. SAICA discusses the specific matters identified in its reports with the accredited institution and does not discuss findings with any other party.

It is also important to note that even in the case of possible de-accreditation, SAICA does not retrospectively de-accredit institutions. Therefore, graduates who already hold a SAICA accredited Unisa qualification, should rest assured in the knowledge that their qualifications are fully accredited by SAICA. Many of these Unisa graduates have already successfully completed SAICA’s professional examinations as they hold valid Unisa qualifications.

SAICA also assures students currently registered on Unisa’s programmes, accredited by SAICA, that Unisa is indeed currently fully accredited by SAICA.

To fully understand SAICA’s accreditation process, you can visit SAICA’s website.

* The SAICA press release republished by Unisa’s Department of Institutional Advancement

Publish date: 2022/07/14

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