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Dr Colen Tuaundu seamlessly blends his roles as an academic leader and advocate for educational excellence. Currently serving as the Unisa Alumni Chairperson, his journey is a testament to resilience, dedication and the pursuit of knowledge.


Dr Colen Tuaundu, Chairperson of Unisa's alumni and Director of Academic Development and Support at the Namibia University of Science and Technology

Tuaundu's professional journey includes various positions, each contributing to his experience. From his tenure as a National Qualifications Framework Officer of Namibia to Senior Quality Assurance Coordinator and now to his current role as Director of Academic Development and Support at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, his career has been defined by a commitment to curriculum development, quality assurance and student support services. As a Namibia Qualifications Authority board member, he actively shapes policy and ensures the highest standards in higher education.

Hailing from Otjiwarongo, Tuaundu's childhood was marked by his father's absence, but anchored by his mother's strength and love. He was raised alongside five siblings and found solace in marathon running, soccer and the thrill of adventure travel. Despite facing personal loss, including the passing of his elder brother, mother and grandmother, his spirit remained unwavering, powered by the memory of his uncle, who played a pivotal role in his upbringing.

Academic accolades

Tuaundu's academic journey is a testament to his commitment to learning. With qualifications ranging from a Bachelor of Educational Management Honours to a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry Education from Unisa, his thirst for knowledge knows no bounds. His doctoral research delved into the nuances of chemistry education, showcasing his dedication to advancing pedagogical practices.

Reflecting on his studies at Unisa, Tuaundu acknowledges both the challenges and opportunities online learning presents. While the flexibility of self-paced study was a benefit, the occasional feeling of isolation often presented challenges. Nevertheless, during his PhD completion, a supportive supervisor's guidance enabled him to persevere and demonstrate the importance of discipline and commitment.

For current and future students, Tuaundu's advice is to work diligently, stay committed and be willing to sacrifice leisure for the sake of educational attainment. Drawing from his own experiences, he underscores the significance of self-discipline and perseverance in achieving academic and professional success.

Embedded in his ethos is the belief that nothing is impossible for those with the right mindset and discipline. His life's motto is a guiding light, inspiring others to embrace challenges with tenacity and grit.

As the Unisa Alumni Chairperson, Tuaundu recognises alumni's pivotal role in shaping the university's future. Serving as ambassadors, they champion social and educational causes, leaving an indelible mark on the institution and its community.  

* By Cilla Boucher, Unisa Alumni Relations Officer

Publish date: 2024/05/09

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