Lunch and learn

The College of Accounting Sciences (CAS) continues to investigate ways to provide support to staff members who are interested in furthering their studies, particularly staff members who are interested in research. This September 2020, CAS, with the support of the Office of Graduate Studies, held a virtual brown-bag meeting, which took the form of an information session on the IBFD Tax Research Platform.

Prof Bernadene de Clercq, M&D Coordinator, Department of Taxation, College of Accounting Sciences

According to Prof Bernadene de Clercq, the M&D Coordinator of the Department of Taxation in CAS, the purpose of brown-bag sessions is to empower staff members and students to acquire the necessary research skills to become more capable researchers and supervisors. She said that traditionally each department in the college hosts a brown-bag session during the year. Unfortunately this was not possible during 2020 due to Covid-19 and the consequent regulations. The Department of Taxation therefore hosted a virtual session.

Why the IBFD Tax Research Platform?

The IBFD Tax Research Platform is an online access point for a variety of international tax content. It is an easy-to-use functionality that assists users to carry out their research more quickly and efficiently. The platform provides access to a very comprehensive source on international taxation via the Unisa Library - thus an effortless process to a wealth of information. Users can compare documents or treaty articles from different jurisdictions, side by side. Further, researchers can consult historical versions, monitor the status of treaties, perform interactive tax calculations, and more.

Comparative as well as international tax research is increasing in importance; however, this has not been a core focus area for CAS. In order to upskill both staff and students in conducting more rigorous comparative and international tax research, the IBFD Tax Research Platform information session is an initial step in this direction. For this reason, the college is grateful to be working in collaboration with Mante Rantlha, the personal librarian for the College of Accounting Sciences, who initiated this information session.

The college would like to thank Tiziana Cantoni from IBFD for availing herself for the session and sharing information about this exciting research platform.

The session was facilitated by Dr Roshelle Ramfol, the first black female in CAS to receive a PhD.

* By Ntsako Mdhluli, Communication and Marketing Specialist, College of Accounting Sciences

Publish date: 2020/10/05