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Popular Music (offered from 2021) - MHS3715

Under Graduate Degree Semester module NQF level: 7 Credits: 12
Module presented in English
Purpose: Qualifying students will be competent to analyze select popular music genres from the twentieth century to the present in relation to historical and technological developments. Students will be able to compare and contrast the characteristic features of selected genres, including tin pan alley, blues, rock, reggae, punk, funk, hip hop, rap, disco, and dance music. In addition, they will be able to demonstrate the relationship between popular music and society, and to explain the roles of key artists, events, albums, record labels, technologies and historical and cultural developments in the development of twentieth and twenty-first century popular music. In addition, qualifying students will be able to summarize, discuss and critically evaluate key debates and approaches in the field of Popular Music Studies and apply these to their own work.