Counselling and career development

Online search

Use a search engine such as Google to search for information related to your questions.

Imagine that you need to find out about career opportunities related to anthropology and archaeology. What do you do?

  • Go to
  • Start by using keywords such as “careers in anthropology and archaeology”.
  • Further contextualise your findings by adding locations such as “careers in anthropology and archaeology Africa” and “careers in anthropology and archaeology South Africa”.
  • Scan the brief descriptions of the first ten results and decide which website you want to explore first.
  • Skim through the information on the website (start with the headings) to get an understanding of the content of the page and to find information related to your question. Also check whether there are links to other websites that you could further explore.
  • As you are reading, make a summary of the information which you can use to make lists of job titles related to your field of study, organisations that employ individuals in these fields and professional organisations.

Remember to bookmark pages that you would want to return to and make notes about what you find and what you would still like to find out about. Use online services or apps such as Evernote (, Diigo ( or Google Bookmarks ( to keep track of your research online.

Activity: Google search

  • Use Google to find specific job titles related to your major subjects. The following are some search terms you could consider: “job titles [name of major] graduates”; “job titles [name of major] graduates south africa”; “jobs for [name of major] graduates with bachelor degree”:
  • Make a list of the job titles you could find.

Last modified: 2019/02/27