SRC & Student Associations

Students assisted in dealing with anxiety and depression

The Unisa Regional Student Representative Council in the Greater Johannesburg Region hosted students at a mental health awareness day, also featuring recreational activities. Read more

Fincom members discuss NSRC 2023 budget

Unisa’s Department of Student Affairs, under the Office of the Dean of Students, recently held a Fincom Committee meeting aimed to oversee and ascertain that the NSRC budget aligns to the university’s budgeting cycle. Read more

Unisa student leaders promote mental health awareness

Various units collaborated to host a Mental Health Awareness Workshop at the university's Durban Campus. The Regional Student Representative Council Chairperson, Lungi Nhlenyama, says student leaders can positively influence the overall educational experience for themselves and their peers by recognising the importance of mental well-being.Read more

Woman power celebrated at EC Regional SRC inauguration

Dr Benni Lekubu, chair of Unisa’s Independent Electoral Commission, praised the Eastern Cape for including a record four women in its leadership cadre.Read more

KZN student leadership inaugurated

The region’s newly elected leadership cadre undertook to put political affiliations aside in order to meaningfully serve their constituents.Read more

Amplifying student voices through SRC elections

As Unisa prepares to hold SRC elections, Dr Olwethu Sipuka, Dean of Students, sees student leaders as partners in service delivery improvement at the university.Read more

The plight of women in our society

Our tradition needs to go back to what the status of women really is, as opposed to what oppressive men make everyone believe it is, writes Sifundo KaZolile Ndzube.Read more

Youth Day commemorations: a premature exercise?

A Unisa Regional Students Representative Council member argues that the youth struggle has not yet been accomplished, and that many gains of the youth revolution have been reversed.Read more

Untold stories behind gender-based violence in South Africa

An NSRC member shares his views on how shattered gender roles contribute to femicide and the sexual abuse of children. Read more

Unisa Law alumnus is dedicated to serving Unisa's international students across the globe

This advocate for human rights, who received his Bachelor of Commerce in Law degree in March, is dedicated to serving Unisa's international students across the globe.Read more