Student Funding: bursaries & loans

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do you know if registration data is sent to NSFAS?
  • Registration is activated without paying a minimum registration amount.
  • Student received sms from UNISA confirming that registration has been finalised.
  • By tracking update on NSFAS portal created during application process.
Why is study fees account still owing while NSFAS has approved my funding?
  • NSFAS take responsibility to settle your study fee account later or during the year.
  • The balance owing on study fee account will not interfere with all service due to a student by the university, for example supply of study material, marking of assignments and exams.
  • NSFAS settlement of tuition fee account is subject to a student registered for first qualification and funded qualification.
Why is the payout of allowance delayed?
  • UNISA is waiting for NSFAS to confirm if registration data submitted is successfully processed or linked.
  • Allowances maybe reserved for laptop purchase.
  • Student to confirm if funding is not withdrawn by NSFAS.
How does a student know textbook allowance is reserved for laptop?
  • Received sms to confirm that funds have been reserved for laptop.

How does a student know if UNISA has transfer funds to Intellimali?

  • Intellimali transaction on a study fee account for the amount transferred to Intellimali.

Do first time NSFAS funded students have to sign NSFAS agreement before getting their allowances?   

  • No, first time applicants sign as part of the application process.
  • Allowance are released pending NSFAS confirmation that registration data received is successfully linked.

How long will it take to receive cash allowance?

  • Funds should be available within a maximum of 14 working days from the time a study fee account is debited with Intellimali transaction, monthly living allowance of R290.00 will be transferred on the 1st of each month and students can expect to have the funds available in their account within 24 hours.


  • Only funds paid by a student for the academic year approved by NSFAS.
  • All refunds will be paid to a student except payments made another sponsor.
  • All refunds will be less other costs not funded by NSFAS such as previous years debt, supplementary and other exam cost and tuition cost for Non Degree Purpose registered modules. 
  • Refunds subject to NSFAS successful linking of a student registration data.

How do students add or update banking details when requested by Intellimali?

  • From the Intellimali student portal, click on the “Update details” link. Fill in banking details and click “Update”. You will then receive an email with a link which will need to click in order to verify changes. Students to ensure that they have entered the correct details.

How do student find balance on Intellimali account?

  • There are several ways to do this. Firstly, a student can go to any Intellicard merchant and ask  to perform an enquiry. As with a transaction, a student will be required to swipe the Intellimali card and enter the PIN. The point-of-sale machine will print out a receipt displaying available balances. Another way is to log in to the student portal. Last option is to dial *120*44431*student number# and follow the prompts to view latest balance.
If allowances appear to be wrong, who should a student talk to?
  • The first option is to verify the number of modules registered against a calculation given above.
  • Contact Division Student Fung (DSF) at via email address .  
  • DSF will correct the allowance and send instructions to Intellimali to pay.
  • Only once Intellimali has received an Instruction form UNISA will update your allowance amounts
How are allowances determined for NSFAS DHET Grant funded students at UNISA?
  • Calculated at R600 per module for the first four modules, R5200 from fifth module to a total number of registered modules.
Will a student get additional allowance for second semester registration?
  • Only if registered less than five modules during the first semester registration period.
Who qualifies for the R290 monthly living allowance?
  • Only students funded by NSFAS DHET grant, DHET Disability and registered for a full load, that is, ten modules in an academic year.
Can a student change my living allowance into cash or book Allowance?
  • No
Does an Intellicard need to be renewed annually?
  • No
How does a student get a voucher number if  using a cell phone?
  • dial *120*44431*student number*pin#.
    For example, if a student number is “20150312” and PIN is “23436”, dial *120*44431*2015031234*23436#. This will give a voucher number that is valid for 5 minutes. A student may save this number as a contact on a cell phone for quick access.
How to contact Intellimali?

Last modified: 2021/02/05