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SETA bursaries

SETA Bursaries Application guidelines

Who is eligible?

This is an invite-based bursary, based on student’s academic performance and qualification.

Students who are not invited may apply with SETA directly, as UNISA does not administer the application process.

  • South African citizen who are between the ages of 18 & 35 years
  • Students who are currently unemployed, however, SASSETA & Service SETA bursaries do fund employed students
  • Students who’ve attained an average of at least 50% on their prior academic year of study
    • This is applicable to some SETA bursaries, kindly visit SETA websites to learn more (see links under “type of SETA bursaries”)

Type of SETA bursaries:

  • FASSET Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority – Registered Finance and Accounting qualifications (FAC’s, AUE’s and TAX modules) -
  • CETA Construction Education and Training Authority – Registered Construction (Engineering) related qualifications -
  • TETA Transport Education Training Authority – Registered for logistics related qualifications -               
  • SASSETA The Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority – Registered related qualifications -       
  • ETDP-SETA Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority – Registered for Educational related qualifications -
  • BANK SETA Banking Sector Education and Training Authority – Registered for Banking related qualification -
  • Services Sector Education and Training Authority – This focuses on skills development. Their focus is upskilling youth through various educational sectors -

Please note:

  • Students need to check their myLife email account to access the bursary invite

For more information contact Mrs Ndlovu at

Last modified: 2023/08/07