Release of results

Examination period Date of release
January / February 2020 13 March 2020
May / June 2020 20 July 2020
October / November 2020 21 December 2020
    • Final examination result letters will be printed and mailed to students on the dates above.
    • Final examination results will be released as they become available on myUnisa.
    • No results will be released to a candidate before he / she has returned all books borrowed from the University Library and settled any outstanding fees.
    • No results will be given telephonically by academic or administrative members of staff .
    • No timetables for supplementary exams will be made available if fees or Library books are owed.

    Exam results are made available on following platforms:

    1. E-mail: Register on myUnisa and indicate that you would like to receive your results via e-mail.
    2. Posted: Hard copies of examination results are mailed to each candidate after the official date of release/printing.

    Please note: 

    Confirmation of completion of qualification: Please note that confirmation of completion of qualifications for students who wrote examinations in

    • January / February 2020 will be made available as from the end of April 2020.
    • May / June 2020 will be made available as from the end of August 2020. 
    • October / November 2020 will be made available as from the end of January 2021.

    Last modified: 2020/12/09