Examination dates and timetables

A student's study units for each academic period must be selected in such a manner that the examination dates do not clash - NO CLASHES WILL BE PERMITTED.

Examination dates are subject to change by the University. Dates cannot be changed at the request of students.

The examination timetable is available via the examination timetable tool.

The final examination timetable will be e-mailed to students via myLife account and posted on MyUnisa with the following information:

  • Study units in which students qualify for admission to write examinations.
  • Study units (if any) in which students do NOT qualify for the examination.
  • Date(s) and time(s) of examination(s).
  • General instructions in respect of examinations.

The examination timetable must be read VERY CAREFULLY. On no account will misreading of examination dates or times be considered as a reason for granting admission to a supplementary examination.

The examination instructions appear on the other side of the timetable. Contravention of these instructions could result in the application of the Disciplinary Code for Students.

May / June semester examinations

On 15 APRIL 2023 the FINAL TIMETABLE for the May semester examinations will be posted to all candidates concerned.
Any candidate who has NOT received his / her final timetable must IMMEDIATELY contact the Examination Administration Division by sending an e-mail to examinations@unisa.ac.za with your student number. 

October / November examinations

On 15 SEPTEMBER the FINAL TIMETABLE for the October examination will be sent to all students via myLife and will be published on MyUnisa.
The examinations in study units for the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting are also conducted in October/November and those for the Postgraduate Diploma in Auditing in September.

Student who has NOT received his/her final timetable must IMMEDIATELY contact the Examination Administration Division by sending an e-mail to exams@unisa.ac.za with your student number.

January / February examinations (including supplementary, aegrotat and special examination)

The examinations in study units for the Further Diploma in Education and the postgraduate diploma in Advanced Nursing Science, Distance Education, Telecommunications and Information Policy, Tertiary Education, and Translation are conducted in January/February. They begin on or about  13 January – 23 February

On 8 NOVEMBER the FINAL TIMETABLE will be sent to students scheduled to write the examination via MyLife e-mail. 

The examination timetable for the supplementary, aegrotat and special Examinations will be sent via myLife account together with the examination results.


Last modified: 2024/03/07