Post Graduate Students Applications for Aegrotat Examination

An aegrotat or special examination may be granted only in terms of Rule 18 in the myRegistration Unisa Information Brochure.

The specific study unit for which an aegrotat examination is requested, must be indicated in the application. Candidates must have obtained examination admission in respect of the relevant study unit.

Post Graduate Students Applications for Aegrotat Examinations

Each application for an aegrotat examination must be accompanied by a satisfactory medical certificate issued by a Medical Practitioner registered with the SA Medical and Dental Council. The medical certificate must specify the nature, the commencement date and the duration of the illness, and declare that for health reasons it was impossible or undesirable for the candidate to sit for the examination on the day(s) concerned

  • illness on the day or immediately prior to or during the examination

Ensure that the date on the medical certificate corresponds with the examination date. The student number must appear on all documentation.

Undergraduate students are granted two opportunities to sit for their examinations

Unisa implemented a new provision in the Assessment Policy, which grants an undergraduate student writing a module examination for the first time an automatic additional opportunity to rewrite their examination.

Paragraph 6.6 of the Assessment Policy refers:

A student registered for an undergraduate module is entitled to use two consecutive opportunities per module to take the examination. Except if College rules provide otherwise, a student may write the examination during either the first or the second examination opportunity.

A student who takes an examination for the first time during the second examination opportunity and fails is not entitled to an additional examination opportunity. Where a special FI concession was granted to an individual student for a specific module, the student will not be granbtec a supplementary examination after failing the FI assessment.         

Special examinations

  • personal circumstances such as work commitments, serious illness or death of a relative during the examination period.

How to apply

The online application form is only available on myUnisa. Log into myUnisa and navigate to the Examination Timetable tool in the administrative section.

The online application for aegrotat / special examinations must be accompanied by a medical certificate or other documentary evidence giving FULL details as to why the candidate was prevented from writing the examination.

The prescribed examination fee must accompany the application. Applications must be submitted online via myUnisa WITHIN 10 DAYS of the date on which the examination should have been written.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Examination fees are not refundable or transferable.

No alternative dates or times can be arranged in cases where examination dates or times clash.

Where a student qualifies for both an aegrotat or special examination as well as a supplementary examination in terms of General information and Rules G10(4), should the examination dates and / or times clash, the supplementary examination will lapse.

Examinations for students with disabilities

A student with disabilities who is unable to write his / her examination without additional time during examinations , must apply annually in writing before 28 February for the May / June examinations and before 31 July for the October / November or January / February examination, and submit a medical certificate specifying the nature of his / her disability.

Last modified: 2023/11/17