Counselling and career development

Career planning for first years

Get started with your career planning

To make an effective career decision today and in the future, you need to understand:

  • your skills, interests and values.
  • your career- and study options.
  • what support is available to help you develop your career management skills.

Three important things to keep in mind

  • Your career is a dynamic process (it is always changing).
  • Optimal career choices result from a continuous process of self-discovery, in which you find out how you fit into the world of work. Unfortunately, for many, career choices are accidental or rash decisions or decisions made for us by others or by circumstances. As a result, you may experience confusion and even a lack of career success.
  • Your career requires active management (you are seeking information to set new goals and update skills).
  • You need to adapt successfully to the changing demands of society and organisations (because you will have ongoing career choices throughout your life).

Last modified: 2023/08/07