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Virtual Grad Expo

Virtual Grad Expo 2024

We host an annual Virtual Grad Expo with the South African Graduate Employers Association and other Higher Education Institutions. The Virtual Grad Expo offers students one location to find and apply to opportunities for 2025.


Register now for the Virtual Grad Expo:

The platform allows you to explore career opportunities from 14 May to August. Live events will take place on 14 May 2024 and 13 August 2024. You can chat with employers online and attend webinars on the live days.

Companies for Virtual Grad Expo 2024

Prepare for the Virtual Grad Expo

Here are some tips to make the most of your VirtualGradExpo experience: 

  1. Do Your Homework: Before approaching recruiters, spend some time on their virtual stand and familiarise yourself with the materials available on the employer stands. This will help you identify the opportunities that align with your interests and qualifications. Learning a little about the company, the opportunities on offer and the minimum requirements to apply will help you to avoid asking questions that you could have answered for yourself simply by reading a brochure.
  2. Craft Your Elevator Pitch: Prepare a concise introduction highlighting your studies, future plans, and interest in connecting with the company. Use the employer’s preferred communication channel to engage further.
  3. Sell yourself first. When engaging with recruiters, start by discussing your studies and interests, and why you’re interested in joining this particular employer, before inquiring about what the company can offer you. Questions about salaries and other benefits right at the beginning of the conversation can come across as self-centred. By sharing a little about yourself and your interest in the company first, you demonstrate genuine interest instead.
  4. Take Charge of the Conversation: Once you’ve gone through the materials provided on the employer stands, and started a meaningful conversation with the employer, don't let nerves hold you back. Remember, virtual career fairs are not just about companies meeting you; they're also your chance to “interview” the various employers. Ask as many questions as you can to gain even more insight into the roles on offer and the company culture.
  5. Utilise Private Chat Functions: Avoid overwhelming public chatrooms with too many questions. Recruiters might miss your questions amongst the thousands of other students also posting on public chats. Instead, request to be directed to a private chat where you can engage more effectively with recruiters and receive personalised assistance.
  6. Mind your Manners: When engaging in private chat, greet recruiters by name, state the purpose of your conversation, and ask your question directly. Remember to express gratitude for their input, as they may be juggling multiple conversations simultaneously.
  7. Don't Be Shy: Recruiters are eager to engage with students, so don't hesitate to initiate conversations. Approach the virtual career fair with confidence and treat it as you would an in-person event, seizing the opportunity to forge connections with potential employers.

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