Academic dress

Ordering your academic dress

In keeping with university traditions, you must wear the correct academic dress when attending your graduation ceremony. If you don't, you might not be admitted to the graduation hall.

Please ensure that your academic dress complies with the university's specifications for your qualification.

It is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for your academic dress for your graduation ceremony. The university does not facilitate any arrangements in this regard. Please ensure that you order your academic dress in time for your graduation ceremony.

House of Graduates is Unisa's official provider of academic dress. Click here for more information.

Specifications for academic hoods and neckbands

Click on the relevant college for the necessary specifications:

General academic dress specifications per qualification level


  • You must wear an academic cap, gown and hood. Click here for an example.
  • You may only wear your hood after your degree has been conferred.
  • Please do not wear the hoods of any previous qualifications - you may only wear the hood of the degree to be conferred.

Bachelor, honours and master's degrees

  • Gown - black gown, the same pattern as a Master of Arts gown of the University of Oxford or Cambridge
  • Cap - black with a black tassel

Doctoral degrees

  • Gown: Cardinal red with open sleeves lined in cardinal red
  • Cap: Cardinal red with a tassel in the colour of the college concerned


You must wear an academic gown and a neckband. Diploma candidates do not wear a cap. Click here for an example.

  • Gown: Black, the same pattern as that of a Master of Arts gown of the University of Oxford or Cambridge
  • Neckband: The neckband is not draped during the ceremony. Please wear the neckband when entering the hall. Do not wear the neckbands of previous qualifications.

Last modified: 2019/12/02