Study @ Unisa

Make space in your life to be a Unisa student

Make time for your studies

Have you thought about how much time you will need for your studies?

  • You'll need about 120 hours per module per semester for 12-credit modules: 50 hours for reading and studying, 40 hours for doing activities and assignments, and 30 hours preparing for exams. 
  • You'll need about 240 hours per module for 24-credit modules: 100 hours for reading and studying, 80 hours for doing activities and assignments, and 60 hours preparing for exams.

This translates to about 6 to 8 hours per week for 12-credit modules and 10 to 12 hours per week for 24-credit modules.

How am I spending my time?

Track how you are currently spending your time - do this for a week. At the end of a week, summarise the total number of hours you are spending on different activities. Your total number of hours will be 168 hours for the week.

Here's an example:

Work: 40 hours Sleep: 56 hours Travelling: 10 hours
Family time: 10 hours Watching TV: 10 hours Social time with friends: 10 hours
Sport: 4 hours Household chores: 7 hours Reading: 14 hours

Take a look at how you are currently spending your time. Which activities will you need to spend less time on to have enough time for your studies?

Create your study space and organise your studies

Space is so important. Remember, this is "distance learning", so you won't be on a campus. Your bedroom will be your campus. Or your study. Or just a desk if need be. Wherever that space is, ideally, it should be a place where you are comfortable and connected.

As you create and negotiate your space, think about what you need.

  • Do you need a quiet space with very few distractions?
  • If this space is not readily available at home, where will you study?
  • Will you be able to negotiate to study at a neighbour's house during the day, or in a hall or at a library?
  • Have I organised my studies? Do I have all my study material (remember you can download it from myUnisa)? Are my contact details correct on myUnisa? Have I purchased the necessary prescribed books?

Negotiate support

Your study success is not only dependent on your own efforts – you need other people, such as your family, employer and friends. Negotiating the support of others means that you will need to help the people in your life understand the demands of open distance e-learning (ODeL), and that you will communicate your challenges, successes and needs in terms of your studies.

Negotiation is a give and take situation – you also have to think about what you can give back to those who support you. This can range from giving others feedback about your study process, spending time with them when you are not studying and including them when you reward yourself for your success.

And, of course, don’t forget about getting the necessary support to cover the cost of your studies. Unisa’s Student Funding Division offers services to assist you in obtaining funding to cover the cost of your studies. Bursaries and loans are available to academically deserving and financially needy students to relieve the stress of worrying about paying for your studies.

Last modified: 2020/02/11