Marking and re-marking of examination answer books

Procedures for the remarking of examination scripts are sent to students together with the examination results.

Only those students who obtain 35% - 49% or 68% - 74% in a study unit may apply for the remark of such study unit.

Applications for remarking may only be submitted online via myunisa and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

See amount payable under "Miscellaneous fees" under Study fees on the myUnisa website.

No late applications will be considered.

Closing dates for applications
October / November 2019 examinations 21 February 2020
January / February 2020 supplementary examinations 27 March 2020
January / February 2020 postgraduate examinations 27 March 2020
May / June 2020 examinations 31 August 2020
October / November 2020 examinations TO BE CONFIRMED

Answer scripts that consist only of a mark reading sheet, will not be remarked as these are marked electronically. A student may not apply for a remark in respect of the practical component of an examination.

How to apply

The online application form is available in myUnisa. Log into myUnisa and navigate to the Examination Results tool in the administrative section.

An external examiner or moderator who was not involved with the original marking will undertake or verify the remarking.

Remarking results will be made known approximately 2 months after the closing date. The mark awarded after remarking will be the final result, even if it is lower than the original mark. 

Remarking fees will be refunded if a student:

  • who originally failed, now PASSES as a result of remarking;
  • who originally failed, now PASSES with a SUBMINIMUM (if applicable) as a result of remarking;
  • is awarded a DISTINCTION as a result of remarking;
  • gains admission to study for a following, higher qualification on the grounds that his / her marks have sufficiently improved as a result of remarking.

Last modified: 2020/08/13