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Exam centres

You can always check your exam centre (which was confirmed at the time of registration) on myUnisa. Remember, all your exams for one exam period must be written at one exam venue. 

What's the process if I want to change my exam centre?

  • Apply via myUnisa or send an e-mail to (include your student number in the subject line). Take note of the deadlines by which you may apply for exam centre changes. 
  • Unisa will confirm whether it is possible to change your exam venue (depending on availability, venue capacity and the closing date for venue changes).
  • CTA levels 1 & 2 students: Exam venues are limited to those venues used for tests during the year. Applications for centre changes must be submitted to Unisa by 31 July.

* Unisa also reserves the right to change your exam venue due to logistical and / or operational reasons.

Exam timetables

The exam timetable available at the time of registration contains provisional dates for all exams. These dates may change. Once the exam dates have been finalised, Unisa will make available an official exam timetable with your final exam dates, modules for which you have / have not gained admission to the exams and the exam venue details.

Some practical tips for your exams

Exams can be stressful, but there are ways to reduce that - mostly through planning, studying hard and being well prepared. Here are some practical tips to help you on the day:

  • Know the exam rules and regulations.
  • Give yourself sufficient time to get to the exam venue. And remember, you must be SEATED in the exam venue 15 minutes before the exam starts.
  • Take your student card, ID (original South African ID document, driver's licence, passport or refugee status document) and exam timetable with you to the exam venue. You won't be allowed to enter the exam venue without these documents.
  • Make sure you have all the stationery you need (pens, pencils, etc).
  • Check that you receive the correct question paper. You will get zero if you answer the incorrect paper.
  • Read the whole paper before you start writing. Attempt all the questions and check your answers when you are done.

Aegrotat and special exams

Aegrotat and special exams may be granted for the following reasons: illness on or before the exam date or extenuating personal circumstances. Full details are available on the examinations website.

FI concession

A final-year undergraduate students who has one or two outstanding modules to complete a qualification may qualify for assistance and potentially an alternative assessment opportunity. Unisa rules and regulations apply, but it is important to note that you cannot apply for an FI concession - Unisa grants the FI concession based on certain requirements met by the student.

Last modified: 2020/02/13