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After the exams


Exam results

You can obtain your exam results via

  • myUnisa
  • e-mail

Remember, you won't receive your exam results if you have outstanding student fees or library books. If you want to query your exam results, you must contact Unisa within 3 months of your exam results being released. If we don't hear from you within this period, we will regard all results as correct and complete.


Supplementary exams

If you qualify for a supplementary exam, it will be indicated in your examination results. Remember, you cannot apply for a supplementary exam. Visit the examinations website for more information.

Query your exam results

You may apply to have your exam answer book re-marked if you received a final mark of between 35% and 49% or between 68% and 74%. Re-marks are not available for modules which are assessed by means of online timed tests, orals or practical exams.

What's the process?

  • The online application form is available on myUnisa. Login to myUnisa, click on "Assessment Admin" and "Examination Results".
  • Pay the fee to have your exam answer book re-marked. Click here for the fee payable and click here for Unisa's payment methods and banking details.
  • Re-register for the module before the closing date for registrations while you wait for the result of the re-mark.

Visit the examinations website for more information.

I failed an exam. What do I do now? 

Failing an exam can be overwhelming and you may not want to continue with your studies. But don't give up! Reflect on what happened - this will help you gain some perspective about your situation. What can you do differently to pass your exam next time?

  • Reflect on how you prepared for your exams and what you would like to do differently. We suggest that you work through this exam self-reflection document.
  • Complete the DRIVER programme to further reflect on practical steps you can take to complete your examinations more effectively.

Contact a counsellor by sending an e-mail to if you require further support.

Last modified: 2022/01/10