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Numeracy Centre

The Quantitative Literacy Service provides students in all disciplines, and at any undergraduate level of study, the opportunity to consult one-to-one with a facilitator about:

  • course content
  • challenging areas in the study materials
  • academic numeracy skills

Workshops, both general and module-specific, are offered throughout the semester to address critical aspects of quantitative literacy.

Visit our online portal for online lessons and support material by clicking on the link below.

View the Unisa Western Cape regional support booklet for additional support services available or enrol for workshop attendance below.

Academic Literacies supported via MS Teams classes

On 27 March 2020, President Ramaphosa announced that the nation will go into a national lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All campus-based activities were suspended, including on campus workshops. The Western Cape region could however continue with support for limited modules (listed below) via the Microsoft Teams platform.

Topics included
Basic quantitative methods and techniques
Basic themes and calculations in Management Accounting
Effective Workplace Communication
Improving Academic English
Present English for Commerce
Reading and Writing for Social Work
Research and Scholarship for Postgraduates
Understanding basic Literary Analysis
Understanding interferences in Statistics
Understanding statistics and data

If you were not able attend the Microsoft Teams sessions for the tutorial classes, you can access the recordings of the classes by clicking on the button below. Please consult myUnisa for eTutor support for those modules not included in the list.

View recorded session on myUnisa

Contact us for any enquiries during office hours from 08h00 to 15h30.

Tel: 021 936 4180

Email: ctntut@unisa.ac.za

Last modified: 2022/02/28