CSET Graduates Urged To Register With Groundbreaking New Database

Science and Technology Graduates Urged To Register With Groundbreaking New Database

Johannesburg: The South African Graduate Development Association (SAGDA) is urging all Science and Technology graduates to register with a groundbreaking new database.

The Science and Technology database, which was launched today, is an innovative way of approaching unemployment in this sector of the economy by specifically targeting those Science and Technology graduates who do not have employment and capturing them in a database that can be used by companies seeking individuals with these qualifications.

“We are very excited about the potential the database offers to graduates of Science and Technology, and are really urging anyone with these qualifications to register on our database without delay,” says Sepomo Mokgapudi, SAGDA's Business Development Officer.

“The SAGDA Science and Technology graduate’s database is set to become the first port of call for companies looking for graduates in this sector and so offers graduates an excellent way to profile themselves for potential employers.”

In addition to registering on the database, SAGDA is hosting several events which will bring Science and Technology graduates and the industry face-to-face. Among these are an AGM, a Gala Dinner and Graduate's Conference. The latter aims to educate graduates on SAGDA initiatives and provide them with life skills. Speakers at the conference will be invited to attend the AGM, along with board members and stakeholders.

The creation of the Science and Technology database is part of SAGDA’s overall vision of enabling an environment that will give graduates of all description easier access and integration into South Africa’s economy. In focusing on graduate, development and placement services, SAGDA has already successfully placed more than 10 000 graduates and is a strong catalyst for socio-economic growth and sustainability.

SAGDA is dedicated to building skills that will enable graduates to respond to social development needs in our communities and enable them to access the world of work," says Mokgapudi.

The Science and Technology database arose out of the National Department of Science and Technology's (DST) research into determining the nature, extent and dynamics of unemployment amongst Science, Engineering and Technology graduates in South Africa. The aim of the research was also to assist the DST to plan and intervene appropriately with regards to human resource development. 

Key to the initiative is the involvement of all stakeholders, including higher educational institutions, the Science and Technology industries and graduates. "It's a partnership between all interested stakeholders," adds Mokgapudi, "for the pursuit of African excellence. We will be bringing higher education institutions and their graduates, and the Science and Technology industries much closer which will not only benefit all involved but also ensure that the field of Science and Technology advances.”

In practical terms, SAGDA’s Science and Technology database offers multiple advantages.

It will be of real benefit to South African and South African-based companies by being a central information point of potential candidates for possible positions in their companies, as well as a pool of talent to tap into. For graduates, the benefits of being on such a valuable database are significant, potentially resulting in fulltime employment in their chosen field. SAGDA also envisages that, by bringing higher education and industry closer together, tertiary institutions will benefit by being able to tailor their courses and degrees to meet industry needs. Finally, in bringing prospective employees and companies together, the database will ensure that social investment initiatives are accurately targeted and well matched to both to companies and graduates alike.

Most importantly, the SAGDA-run database will help ensure that local skills are not lost to the overseas market and will benefit the growing South African economy.

Further Information

  • Unemployed graduates should register with SAGDA now by logging onto www.sagda.org.za  to be part of the database and secure a position in South Africa's thriving technology economy.
  • Other ways to register include filling in the form on the SAGDA leaflet and faxing to 011 492 2589, or posting the form to PO Box 61453Marshalltown, 2107. Graduates can also visit SAGDA at 58 Marshall St, 5th Floor, The Business PlaceJohannesburg or visit their local Youth Advisory Centre.
  • Since 1997, when SAGDA registered as a section 21 company, its overall objective has been to strengthen civil society through the empowerment of graduates, and in doing so, enable social transformation.
  • SAGDA has been involved with Advocacy & Lobbying for Curriculum Transformation, Skills Development and Economic Empowerment in response to the changing economic and social environment in South Africa.
  • SAGDA officials sit in different committees, like Council on Higher Education, UIF Board and it is also a member organisation of the South African Youth Council.

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