20 bursaries for Unisa students to join the part-time 4LIFE Entrepreneurship Programme

The School of Entrepreneurship is committed to supporting the educational and career aspirations of South Africa’s youth. For this reason, we are excited to offer 20 exclusive bursaries to deserving students at Unisa to join the part-time 4LIFE Entrepreneurship Programme concurrently with their ongoing studies.

Each bursary is worth R18,000 and will give qualifying students an opportunity to enrol in our part-time 4LIFE Entrepreneurship Programme, starting on 5 March 2024.

My name is Leon Lategan, and I am the founder of the School of Entrepreneurship (www.schoolofentrepreneurship.co), the SOE Foundation (www.soefoundation.co.za) and the Young Hustlers Club (www.younghustlers.club). You can verify my profile on LinkedIn here: www.linkedin.com/in/leonlategan.

Our mission to empower South Africa’s youth is rooted in the urgent need to address the concerning unemployment rate among our youth. This pressing issue is one of the driving forces behind our dedication to helping students with starting businesses that are both profitable and sustainable.  

To support students who are currently enrolled at Unisa, we have adapted our programme to accommodate their busy schedules. As a result, we have structured a part-time programme with only one online session of 60 minutes per week (sessions are recorded and available on the platform to watch later if need be). The content and value of the part-time programme is the same as the full-time programme. It just takes longer to complete. 

In addition to a tertiary qualification, our programme is specifically designed to offer students an alternative path, providing them with supplementary skills to pave the way for economic engagement through entrepreneurship. In other words, should they not be able to find a job in their respective field of study, they can explore the opportunity of using that knowledge and start their own business. 

Please view some of our student testimonials here (too many to put on our website).

About the 4LIFE Entrepreneurship Programme

The programme offers an opportunity for students from all demographics and ambition levels. It caters to those focused on building micro-businesses as well as those aiming to develop large enterprises. 

In the first year, our goal is to help them start a business where they will receive online interactive coaching, a roadmap and the support they need. They also get a website and hosting at no additional fee. 

After the first year, students get lifetime access to our entrepreneur community. Here they get monthly mentorship and accountability sessions, access to additional training and coaching (eg specific modules, such as Facebook advertising, legal policies, financial statements) and interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they can do business with fellow students through our monthly network referral marketing sessions. 

Learn more about the 4LIFE Entrepreneurship Programme here: https://schoolofentrepreneurship.co/institutions

How do interested students apply for a bursary? 

Interested students can apply for a bursary here: UNISA Students - Bursary Application 

Step 1: Students complete the application form with their contact details.

Step 2: Students continue by completing a short assessment.

The assessment takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete and helps us to determine how well prospective students are suited to the 4LIFE Entrepreneurship Programme. Once submitted, all applications are considered and scored. The top twenty students from Unisa with the highest favorable ratings will qualify for a bursary. 

Step 3: Successful applicants claim their scholarships to gain admission.

Qualifying candidates are required to pay a registration fee, or as we call it, a commitment fee of R1,995 to claim their bursary and gain admission to the programme starting on 5 March 2024.

Why do we ask for a registration fee? 

Our goal is to award the 20 bursaries to ambitious students who will show up and put in the work. They must be committed and ultimately want to create businesses that provide income for themselves and‌ possibly employment for others.  

The bursary is 90% funded (value R18,000). We charge an R1,995 one-off registration fee to ensure the students are committed and as they say, "have skin in the game".  

These scholarships are intended to be awarded to ambitious youth who are serious about the opportunity to gain entrepreneurship training and coaching and are excited by the idea of owning a business. 

What is the next step?

The School of Entrepreneurship will manage the registration and administration of all students from application to admission.

* Submitted by the Directorate Research Support

Last modified: 2024/02/20