Service Offerings

Information and enquiry service:

We provide prospective students with information on the different programme offerings available at the institution. This service also extends to existing students, who can make enquiries on matters relating to examinations, graduations and study-related issues.

Tel: (014) 594 8812/13/60 (Rustenburg cluster)
(051) 411 0440 (Bloemfontein cluster)
Email: Rustenburg@unisa.ac.za or bloemfon@unisa.ac.za

Counselling services:

The Counselling Unit provides career guidance, academic support, personal counselling and assistance with career development. This can be done through face-to-face meetings, telephonic contact and facilities such as skype or scopia. For more information, click here.

Tel: (014) 594 8853

Email: counselingmidlands@unisa.ac.za

Student administration:

The unit is responsible for applications and registrations, student finances (student funding is handled to a limited extent) as well as assignment and examination administration. For more information on applications and registration-related matters, click here.

Tel: (014) 594 8812/13/60

Email: rustenburg@unisa.ac.za

Tutorial services:

The function of this unit is to provide face-to-face tutorial services for selected high-risk modules, as determined by the university. The unit serves as a link between the student and tutor. Although tutorial classes are provided free of charge, students must register to attend. Tutorials are learner-centred (rather than tutor-centred) and interactive, with a tutor facilitating the learning process.

Tel: (014) 594 8837 (Rustenburg cluster)

Email:; manakmb@unisa.ac.za

Tel: (051) 411 0452 (Bloemfontein cluster)

Email: kshale@unisa.ac.za

Technology support:

The core business of the unit is to integrate technology with teaching and learning, to enhance students’ learning experience. Amongst others, we offer the following services to our students: access to computer laboratories and video-conferencing facilities, computer literacy skills training, the activation of myUnisa and myLife email accounts, the use of myUnisa tools, support relating to online and signature modules, and liaison with telecentres.

Tel: (014) 594 8854

Email: Lebelsg@unisa.ac.za

Support for students with disabilities: Advocacy and Resource Centre for Students with Disabilities (ARCSWiD)

The computer laboratories at all regional service centres have facilities for students with disabilities, as does the library at the Rustenburg RSC. Should you have special needs, please feel free to contact your nearest RSC

Ms Portia Mabele

(014) 594 8807


Mrs Tshireletso Qelesile

(018) 391 0356


Mr Freddy Mavhungu

(018) 294 9052


Mr Sampie Morapedi

(051) 411 0440)


Mrs Marindean Louw

(053) 830 4971


Mrs Kamogelo Buys

(056) 216 1970


Academic literacy:

The services which this unit offers, are divided into reading and writing, and quantitative literacy. The reading and writing component helps students to sharpen their skills as first language and additional language speakers of English, through both generic and discipline-specific writing. Quantitative literacy assists students with numeracy skills. This service is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and we also offer support for specific modules, in the form of one-on-one consultations and group sessions.

Tel: (014) 594 8837 (Rustenburg cluster)

(051) 411 0452 (Bloemfontein cluster)

Email: manakmb@unisa.ac.za or kshale@unisa.ac.za

Library services:

This unit provides information resources to assist students with their studies, and enhance the Unisa student experience. We help students to access books, reference resources, e-books, e-newspapers and e-journals. This unit has signed agreements with public libraries in the region, to ensure the decentralisation of library services. In addition to providing library training to public librarians (to ensure that our students receive sufficient support), we offer training to students on how to utilise library resources optimally. To learn more about the library services and related resources, click here.

Tel: (014) 594 8826/42/43/73

Email: lekayll@unisa.ac.za


The university has collaborative agreements with telecentres across the country, including the Midlands Region. Telecentres are private facilities equipped with computers which are connected to the internet, printers, photocopiers, scanners, etc. Collaboration between Unisa and the telecentres is aimed at affording students in remote areas access to the necessary technologies, albeit solely for academic purposes.  At a telecentre, students can type their assignments, access the myUnisa portal and their myLife email accounts, search library resources online, access Unisa’s social media channels and retrieve academic materials. Telecentres have onsite administrators to assist students. For an updated list of telecentres, click here

 Tel: (014) 594 8854

Email: Lebelsg@unisa.ac.za

Work-integrated Learning (WIL):

Other than providing referral letters to students for their work-integrated learning, the region also hosts workshops (e.g. on job-readiness) and activities (e.g. career fairs) to inform students of potential job-related opportunities.

Study space facilities:

The region provides study space at the different centres, but note that availability varies from centre to centre. The facilities can also be used for group discussions.

Midlands Student Representative Council (RSRC):

The region has an active RSRC, whose members play a valuable role in student activities in the region.

Tel: (014) 594 8810

Email: mokuapb@unisa.ac.za

Last modified: 2021/02/23