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Unisa students share their journeys – Amro Gabriels

This BCom Accounting student, philanthropist and model says that the Unisa community offers a special kinship bond built on giving, receiving and sharing information, advice or even just moral support.Read more

Bestmed donation boosts Unisa’s laptop initiative

A generous donation from the Bestmed medical scheme will further Unisa's efforts to address the lack of devices among its students.Read more

Unisa KZN celebrates rich and diverse cultures to mark Heritage Day

Unisa KZN students and staff share how they pay homage to a day celebrating the marvellous diversity of cultures, beliefs and traditions that make up our rainbow nation.Read more

Unisa students share their journeys – Amanda Hulley

Reflecting on Women’s Month, Forensic Science and Technology Student Amanda Hulley says that, in the legal fraternity, women remain disadvantaged when compared to their male counterparts.Read more

Unisa students share their journeys – Natasha Chiswa

Law student Natasha Chiswa says that growing up, she was always eager to bring meaningful and significant change to people’s lives. She maintains that justice is a powerful tool that should be used to bring about change and ensure fairness and equality.Read more

KZN graduates celebrate in style with a photoshoot

It was a joyful – and memorable – moment when new graduates recently gathered at Durban Park to mark their joint milestone in style.Read more

Unisa alumni share their journeys – Kyle Pillay

LLB graduate Kyle Pillay’s advice to students during the Covid-19 pandemic is that, while self-isolating and adhering to social distancing rules, they use this time to further their studies.Read more

Unisa alumni share their journeys – Larissa Francis

Law graduate Larissa Francis used the opportunity afforded by her Unisa journey to go back and give back. ‘We are none of us too great to be able to help another human being,’ she says.Read more

Unisa alumni share their journeys – Sibonakaliso Msane

Communicator extraordinaire Sibonakaliso Msane says that today’s tools for survival are understanding current and future global and local trends and ensuring that one possesses what the present and future will demand of one.Read more