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Plant the mustard seed and you will move mountains

Through perseverance and a mother’s love and support, Mdungazi Maluleke overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to attain a Unisa lectureship and PhD. Reading about his inspirational journey will make your day.Read more

Playing the learning game is the next big thing

Ever heard of the gamification of learning? This exciting new approach to motivating students was the topic of a recent webinar hosted by Unisa’s Student Retention Unit.Read more

Unisa Women’s Forum celebrates young voices

A webinar celebrating Youth Day saw Unisa alumni, students and staff providing various insights into learning from the past, questioning the present and shaping the future.Read more

“Black women are never allowed to be tired”

Speaking at the Unisa Library Conversation Series, author and women’s champion Malaika Mahlatsi, popularly known as Malaika Wa Azania, urged young black women to attend to their emotional and mental wellness during the COVID-19 crisis.Read more

Online learning can be hard for students with disabilities: how to help

Unisa academics share their research findings on how COVID-19 deepened educational inequalities through exploring learning experiences of students with disabilities in the context of open distance e-learning.Read more

Gauteng student leadership off to a great start

Gauteng Region’s student leadership recently attended a workshop where they were given an introduction to what being an SRC member entails, and what is expected of them.Read more

Combining forces to tackle the emotional wellbeing of postgrads

The College of Graduate Studies, College of Education and Directorate: Counselling and Career Development recently collaborated on a roundtable discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on postgraduate students.Read more

Unisa makes a significant contribution to transforming the chartered accounting profession

Almost a third of the African candidates who recently passed the professional assessment examination of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants are alumni of Unisa’s College of Accounting Sciences.Read more

Examining the progress of South African youth

After 27 years of democracy in South Africa, and while we remember the youth of 1976, Unisa students reflect on the progress made by South African youth.Read more