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Postgraduate student capacity-building interventions

The College of Graduate Studies recently held the third master’s and doctoral regional roadshows to address capacity development interventions tailored to the needs of postgraduate students. Three more roadshows are coming up to a region near you.Read more

Commemorating illustrious past and reaffirming commitment to a green future

Commemorating the university's 150th anniversary, the College of Human Sciences, the Unisa KwaZulu-Natal Region and the Directorate of Support Services recently held a tree-planting ceremony at the Durban Campus. Fifteen trees were planted, serving as a living testament to Unisa's rich history and its unwavering commitment to a greener future.Read more

Sharing a positive side of 'distance' in ODeL: ZOU and Unisa join forces

Unisa and the Zimbabwe Open University recently met to sign a memorandum of understanding for the two universities to share and learn from each other on issues related to, among others, the pedagogical and scientific exchange of lecturers, researchers and students and collaboration in different areas.Read more

A short-term timeline reflection of Unisa’s notable moments

Unisa is a sustainable university that has been rooted in educating its students and society for the past centenary. The institution continues to pursue sustainable practices and offers relevant insights into urgent societal challenges. This feature illustrates a timeline of notable events and innovations in the university’s history for the past few years. Read more

Unisa student leaders promote mental health awareness

Various units collaborated to host a Mental Health Awareness Workshop at the university's Durban Campus. The Regional Student Representative Council Chairperson, Lungi Nhlenyama, says student leaders can positively influence the overall educational experience for themselves and their peers by recognising the importance of mental well-being.Read more

The Unisa-Feenix Trust partnership benefits 165 students

The partnership between Unisa and the Feenix Trust, a student crowdfunding platform, has benefitted 165 students with funding. In addition, the number of Unisa students on the platform grew by 14.56% between 2017 and 2022. Read more

Unisa promotes academic integrity

Unisa promotes academic integrity and remains committed to educating its students on the importance of honest and moral behaviour in an academic setting. Furthermore, Unisa has zero tolerance for any form of dishonesty or cheating activity related to assessments and exams.Read more

Unisa drives enhanced library access in three provinces

Staff from the university’s Midlands Region, comprising the North West, Free State and Northern Cape provinces, recently embarked on a concerted information programme to train students in library use and inform them of partnerships with local libraries to which they have access.Read more

Unisa alumnus grateful for knowledge that profited his literature

Unisa alumnus and author Dimakatso David Mokwena, who recently obtained a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Theory of literature, hails the institution for giving him the skill set towards his debut novel Here Comes the Gay King, which explores anti-gay themes, societal expectation and struggles with identity. Read more