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Unisans perform well in accountancy competence examination

The College of Accounting Science has lauded the performance of its former students who participated in the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants’ Initial Test of Competence examinations.Read more

Unisa’s senior academics set the record straight

In an opinion piece published by the Sunday Times, three academic executives responded to sentiments that have been expressed in the media which are injurious to Unisa’s academics, scholars, students and alumni.Read more

Her impactful art gives black women a voice

For Lethabo Huma, a Unisa visual multimedia student and one of the artists selected to be part of a Time Magazine project, art is a very personal craft that she uses to speak to the world about women’s issues as she struggles to express herself verbally. Read more

Workshop examines the oral testing of PhD candidates

PhD candidates’ oral defence of their thesis in front of a panel of examiners will form part of the examination process in future, and attendees received guidance on how to implement best practices in this regard at Unisa. Read more

Ensuring postgrad performance during Covid-19

A recent conference focused on providing Unisa’s postgraduate students with extensive support to ensure that they can confidently present their research studies to peers and established scholars, and that they receive critical feedback from a panel of academics. Read more

Unisa multidisciplinary team wins the NRF Science Team Award

A Unisa team of researchers has been working to change the status quo of implementing new energy technologies in Africa, and the NRF has recognised their scientific contributions to society by awarding them the Science Team Award.Read more

Optimising postgrad research publications

A recent series of College of Graduate Studies workshops unpacked, among others, the benefits of publishing while being a student.Read more

Unisa promotes International White Cane Safety Day

Recently, Unisa’s Advocacy Resource Centre for Students with Disabilities, the Dean of Students and the Unisa KZN Region collaborated in a celebration of the achievements of visually impaired and blind people, while also highlighting the challenges they face.Read more

Top 900 global university ranking for Unisa

For the second consecutive year, the US News & World Report Best Global Universities rankings placed Unisa at 9th in the country and 851st globally, up from 921st in the previous year.Read more