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Unisan wins 2022 AIEF doctoral scholarship

Oscar Sigauke, a student in the College of Human Sciences, has been awarded a coveted international scholarship by the ARMA International Educational Foundation to pursue his doctoral research into computational archival science.Read more

NSTF-South32 Awards beckon as remarkable Unisans progress to the next level

Three prominent Unisans have reached the finals of the 2021/2022 NSTF-South32 Awards. These Unisans were previously nominated in various categories in recognition of their remarkable contribution to science, engineering, technology and innovation.Read more

Working towards mother tongue-based multilingual education

At the forefront of the implementation of language policy at Unisa is the university’s Language Unit, which also promotes the use of African languages and SA Sign Language, implements multilingualism and establishes good language management practices.Read more

Law students trained in the practical side of their future profession

The Unisa Law Clinic recently equipped law students in the university’s North Eastern region with skills in trial advocacy, court etiquette, public speaking, legal research, presentation, and legal drafting skills. Read more

Developing graduate attributes through student mentorship training

Unisa’s Eastern Cape Region recently presented a programme aimed at recruiting, training, supervising and mentoring final-year students to be champions of graduateness and success. Read more

Examining King IV in the context of a transformed university

As part of the Vice-Chancellor’s vision, the Department of Leadership and Transformation hosted a roundtable discussion on 6 April 2022, entitled To what extent does King IV serve the culture of a transformed university? Read more

CHE site visit concluded successfully

Three hundred stakeholders at Unisa participated in thirty-three sessions during a recent site visit by a panel from the Council on Higher Education to conduct an overall evaluation of the institution’s quality management in several focus areas.Read more

Young graduate equipped with the skills to make a real difference

A 21-year-old teaching graduate from Ga Nkwana village is inspired to shape the paths of learners from poor backgrounds and to use the time she has now mindfully by studying beyond a bachelor’s degree. Read more

Student leaders empowered with conflict resolution skills

A recent conflict resolution workshop for student leaders, held in Unisa’s North Eastern Region, unpacked conflict resolution intervention mechanisms and enhanced the levels of cohesion amongst attendees to empower them to work as a united body. Read more