First-year experience at Unisa


Greetings and welcome to the FYE MOOC 101 – IS UNISA FOR ME? This MOOC is a project of the Student Retention Unit (SRU) at the University of South Africa (UNISA). Please ensure you have received a letter of offer from UNISA before attempting the MOOC.

The aim of this MOOC is to provide first-year students (and potential students) with an induction on being a student at UNISA.

The basic elements covered in this MOOC are

(1) getting to know UNISA and Open Distance E-Learning (ODeL), and (2) reflecting upon your career. 

Structure: This MOOC is structured through “sessions”. Each session will focus on a dedicated theme. 

Activities: In each session you will find activities that are designed to assess knowledge gained.

You must complete all the activities to successfully complete the MOOC.

Summary of the steps to follow: (ONLY for Application students)

Step 01: Enter the MOOC URL

Step 02: Create Your Own Log in Details (use your student number as the user ID)

Step 03: Join Your MOOC (Clicking on “MEMBERSHIP”, then click on “JOINABLE SITES”. Here you will find a list of MOOCs available. Find the UOL009-FYE101_2023 MOOC and click on join.)

Step 04: Go to the MOOC (Click on “HOME”. At the top of the page click the MOOC tab “UOL009-FYE101_2023)

Step 05: Complete the UOL009-FYE101_2023 MOOC and continue with your studies.

For detailed steps:

Please click here to access the UOL009-FYE101_2023 MOOC and click here to follow the instructions on how to register and to start the UOL009-FYE101_2023 MOOC.

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