First-year experience at Unisa


The FYE MOOC is a project of the Student Retention Unit (SRU) at the University of South Africa (UNISA). The aim of this MOOC is to provide first-year students with induction on being a student at UNISA and a core set of skills.

The basic elements covered in this MOOC are: (1) getting to know myUnisa, (2) understanding the UNISA library services, (3) understanding the student affairs services, (4) basic academic literacy,  (5) basic numeracy, (6) basic digital literacy, and (7) basic study skills. 

Summary of the steps to follow:

Step 01: Enter the MOOC URL

Step 02: Create Your Own Log in Details (use your student number as the user ID)

Step 03: Join Your MOOC (Clicking on “MEMBERSHIP”, then click on “JOINABLE SITES”. Here you will find a list of MOOCs available. Find the FYE1500 MOOC and click on join.)

Step 04: Go to the MOOC (Click on “HOME”. At the top of the page click the MOOC tab “FYE1500”)

Step 05: Complete the FYE1500 MOOC and then wait an hour to Accept your Offer.


For detailed steps:

Please click here to participate in FYE 1500 MOOC and click here to follow the instructions on how to register and to start the FYE MOOC.

Last modified: 2021/07/30