Word of gratitude from the Dean of Students on a successful 2018 SRC Election and the highest student turnout

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to all who ensured the resounding success of the 2018 Unisa SRC Election!

I thank the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) under the august leadership of Adv P Makama and the Independent Election Tribunal (IET) which was ably led by Adv S Mantula, for steering the project with a great sense of diligence, firmness and fairness.

I am greatly indebted to colleagues in various departments and sections of our University, particularly the Electronic and Web Communication Directorate and the Unisa Radio for sparking an interest in the elections through a well-managed campaign and consistent marketing and airing of the elections project.

I am grateful to the Internal Audit Department for the support provided towards the project as well as for securing the services of a competent external audit firm to provide assurance on our processes and systems.

I wish to thank the external election management company, EISA, for rendering professional and high-level end-to-end project management services.

I would like to also congratulate my colleagues in the Directorate: Student Development, under the exceptional leadership of Mr TG Mogaladi, for developing impressive conceptual plans, agile systems and governance processes to guide the 2018 SRC Elections Project.

Most importantly, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to our students and all the student organisations, as well as their leaders for, firstly, creating an exciting environment around the elections, and secondly, for the manner in which they conducted themselves and cooperated with all the structures and individuals at the helm of the elections.

With the IEC having declared the election results after observing the necessary processes as provided in the applicable Council-approved policy prescripts, I wish to invite the University community to join me in celebrating the highest turnout ever to be recorded in the history of the Unisa's SRC elections: a total of 52 394 students participated in this year’s elections.

This turnout not only attests to students’ reignited zeal to have their voice well-championed by their elected representatives but is also a demonstration of the effectiveness of systems and processes which were conceptualised and initiated in respect of the 2018 elections.

In conclusion, I trust that all students who shall subsequently be inaugurated to serve in the SRC, will realise the significant confidence conferred upon them and the critical responsibility that they carry to represent the voice and act in the best interest of our students and the University in general.

Dr Sibusiso Chalufu
Dean of Students
14 September 2018

Publish date: 2018/09/14