Unisa apologises to students for technical glitches experienced during exams

The University of South Africa (Unisa) apologises to students in respect of technical challenges that were experienced during some online exams that took place on 24 and 25 October 2022. Students sitting for the affected sessions were granted extension or grace period to accommodate the inconvenience experienced.

The university, through its colleges, is also communicating with affected students via its official communication platforms.

Unisa reassures students that those who could not proceed with the rest of the affected exams sessions even after the university has extended the duration of the sessions in question, their cases would be investigated.

Students are also urged  to carefully read the Step-by-Step guide to the online examinations and take note of the new permitted submission time. Students experiencing technical challenges should contact the SCSC on 080 000 1870 or via e-mail  or refer to the Get-Help resource for the list of additional contact numbers.

Students are reminded to please read the exam announcements that the University publishes on its platforms.  These are aimed at assisting students to know where to go should they experience glitches whilst busy writing exams. In cases of emergency, Unisa posts announcements on the homepage of myUnisa at Lecturers also post information on the module and exam sites when issues emerge. 

Having said that, the university wishes all Unisans who are sitting for remaining examinations success. Please give it your best shot.  Unisa strives to ensure that the security and credibility of its exams is always enhanced.

Publish date: 2022/10/26