Amended October/November 2022 examination rule on permitted submission time on the alternative link

The university has come a long way in stabilising its examination platform and made the decision to reduce the submission time of examination answers to 30 minutes. The majority of our students have successfully managed to submit their answer scripts within the stipulated 30 minutes. 

We previously distributed an alternative link to students who claimed to have experienced technical challenges in submitting their examination answers via the official submission platform on myExams. Unfortunately, we have now noted that some students are abusing the alternative link, which was open for longer to accommodate students who may have experienced technical challenges during their submissions. The submission logs show us that some students come onto the official submission platform late, are unable to submit via the myExams platform and subsequently use the alternative link to submit their late examination answers scripts. Late coming is not acceptable and students risk not being able to submit their answer scripts before the due time. 

Students are reminded that they should stop writing immediately once the session duration ends and login into myExams to provide their submissions. The 30 minutes is provided to deal with whatever challenges may arise during the uploading period. Due to the stability of the myExams platform and our students' familiarity with the platform, submissions from the alternative link will only be accepted for those experiencing technical challenges. For this reason, acceptance of submissions made on the alternative link will strictly be applied after checking student logs. Furthermore, the alternative link will be only available for 30 minutes for submissions. Queries received after 30 minutes of the official examination duration time will thus not be attended to. Submissions made after the official examination time will be rejected and will not be marked. 

We have also noted some students use abusive language in their communication with the university staff members. Students are reminded that the use of abusive language is not permitted by the Student Disciplinary Code and such communication may subject students to disciplinary proceedings. 

Students experiencing loadshedding should note this announcement on myUnisa: Unisa notes the increase in Eskom's loadshedding  

Students should also note that the above communication is an alteration of point 14 of the October/November 2022 Online Examination Rules October_November 2022 online examination rules.pdf (

Publish date: 2022/10/26