Recognition of student organisations and structures 2019

Article 9.1 of the Directive: Recognition of Student Organisations and Structures (PDF) prescribes that any student organisation / structure that would like to be recognised in terms of this directive applies in writing for recognition and attaches the following documentation:

  • Constitution of the student organisation
  • List of registered members within Unisa
  • List of the executive members or leaders
  • Supporting documentation for the conditions listed in paragraph 7 of the directive

Please note:

  • All applications should be submitted in writing to the respective regional SRC. The regional SRC will forward all applications to the NSRC. 
  • The application period is 1 January to 31 March 2019.

All interested parties are invited to apply in accordance with the directive.

Mr Wadznai Mazethese

President: National SRC (Unisa)

Ms Zona Majambe
Education and Training Officer

Publish date: 2019/02/28