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Virtual Grad Expo Live event

Event date:
13 August 2024
09:00:00 - 14:00:00

Register here for the Virtual Grad Expo:

Unisa's Directorate: Counselling and Career Development invites you to register for the 2024 Virtual Grad Expo. The Virtual Grad Expo, powered by the South African Graduate Employers Association (SAGEA) offers students one location to find and apply to opportunities for 2025.

From bursaries and scholarships for your next year of study, to work experience and graduate opportunities, the Virtual Grad Expo is your one-stop platform to explore career information and apply to opportunities any time between 14 May and August 2024. You'll also be able to chat with employers online during the live days (14 May and 13 August) and attend webinars to get to know the companies you're most interested in.

The Virtual Grad Expo 2024 will host employers in these pavilions: Genera, Accounting and Law, and STEM & Engineering.

Register now on the platform to create your profile and be notified of the live events.