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You should not be found among troublemakers

Prof. Moloko Sepota (Regional Director: North Eastern) congratulates Rev. Mautji Pataki (Foundation for Leadership Excellence) on delivering the main address at an alumni breakfast session in Polokwane.

A Unisa graduate should not behave in manner that goes against Unisa values. This was the caution given to the audience at an Alumni Chapter Convener Election meeting recently held in Polokwane.

The advice came from Reverend Mautji Pataki, a well-known figure in Limpopo Province on matters involving peace initiatives and ethical conduct, and chairperson and executive director of the Foundation for Leadership Excellence.

You are an ambassador of Unisa

The Polokwane Alumni Chapter breakfast session, which took place at the Fusion Boutique Hotel, was put together by the Department of Institutional Advancement (DIA) in collaboration with the North Eastern Region. Other than electing a new chapter convener, the event was also aimed at enabling alumni to network with one another and to know officials of both the DIA and the North Eastern Region with whom they could interact on various support services offered by the university.

Amanda Tlale (Manager: Alumni Relations) formally introduces Malesela Maubane to the audience after he had been elected as the convener of the Polokwane Chapter of the Unisa Alumni Association.

Pataki reminded the audience that Unisa did not train people and then expected those people to go back to society to be troublemakers.
“You should not be found among troublemakers. When you differ with what is happening around you or you want to raise a query, you should do it with diligence and focus to show that you are a Unisa graduate. You are an ambassador of the institution,” he said.

Titus Matsoati (Protection Services Department) and Aluwani Muneri (Giyani Regional Service Centre) arrive at the alumni breakfast session.

Don’t behave the anti-Unisa way

He reiterated that it was normal for a society to associate what an individual does or say with an institution or organisation that he/she is linked with or comes from.
“A Unisa alumnus should see himself/herself as a Unisan. He/she should sleep, speak and eat Unisa. If you do things that are anti-Unisa, you are damaging the brand of Unisa. Don’t behave the anti-Unisa way. Rather conduct yourself the pro-Unisa way,” he added.

The audience attending the alumni breakfast session came from variety of economic sectors in the city of Polokwane and neighbouring areas.

The alumni present at the function elected Malesela Maubane of the Polokwane Municipality as the convener of the Polokwane Chapter of Unisa Alumni.

DIA and the North Eastern Region also held a similar activity in Mbombela.

*Submitted by Gilbert Mokwatedi
Manager: Communication and Marketing
North Eastern Region

Publish date: 2019/07/16