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“Viva Unisa! Viva!”

“I am so grateful and honoured to call myself a Unisa alumnus.” Ms Mulalo Judith Phaswana could not contain herself in the appreciation of her alma mater. She began her exciting journey with the institution in 2014 when she enrolled for a Diploma in Law.

“It is only with immense gratitude that I thank this giant university for saving my life. Unisa allowed me to enroll for my first qualification and has also given me a second opportunity with the enrollment of an LLB to make things right in my life. At the same time, my dreams are becoming a reality,” said Mulalo.

She believes that it is never too late to correct mistakes. “I made an error by not furthering my studies when I was younger. I decided to go back to university when I realised that I needed further knowledge to make my dreams come true and to fit in the corporate environment.”

This realisation persuaded her to study further because of the ever-demanding life that requires new ideas, knowledge and skills. According to Mulalo, the ODeL environment Unisa offered was perfect for her.

“In this journey you must learn and grow fast. I became a new person who is now ready for challenges and who doesn’t let fear become a definitive factor in my life.” She even financed her studies through full and part-time jobs in car parks, and the hospitality and retail industries.   

Born in Soweto, she spent her formative years in Venda, Limpopo. She currently lives in Randburg and is working for the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, Development Planning: Legal Administration.  

Her journey, she said, “Is not ending there.” She was able pace herself to move from working general jobs to professional jobs. “I landed a job at a law firm and now am in the property business, I believe I will soon land in big the leagues.” 

“Thank you so much, Unisa. I don’t know where I would be if it were not for you. You are still shaping my future!” she said.  

* By Busisiwe Mahlangu, Communications Coordinator, Department of Institutional Advancement

Publish date: 2019/10/16