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Resilience and research reap rewards


Staff from the Nelspruit Regional Service Centre congratulate their colleague, Moriti Mashilo (in the middle with her child).

Two Unisans who were awarded their qualifications at graduation ceremonies in Polokwane and Mbombela, respectively, say their achievements have given them the oomph to want to go further.

Moriti Mashilo from the Nelspruit Regional Service Centre graduated with a BCom (Hons) in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at the Mbombela ceremony, whilst Ntsako Ndobe from the Directorate of Student Admissions and Registration (DSAR) graduated with a BAdmin degree at the Polokwane ceremony.

Realising her dream

According to Mashilo, having this qualification means she is getting closer to realising her dream of becoming an industrial and organisational psychologist in South Africa.

“A few more years of studying and professional training will surely get me there. Having this qualification enhanced my theoretical knowledge in the field of psychology as well as other important and intangible skills, such as resilience, strong work ethic, and a commitment to my goals,” she said.

This Unisan from Sabie, Mpumalanga, also has a BCom degree in Human Resource Management and a Certificate in Employee Health & Wellness. Her next target is to enrol fora Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

“For now, I have decided to take a short break so that I can think carefully about a topic/s that I would like to research; topics that will hopefully add value to the existing body of research in the field of IOP,” Mashilo concluded.

Preparing your mind


Dr Lesiba Molepo and Prof. Moloko Sepota of the North Eastern Region with new graduate Ntsako Ndobe (DSAR) and Prof. Mandla Makhanya (Principal and VC)

Ndobe was equally excited about her newly obtained qualification.

“It is a big achievement for me as I managed to complete the qualification through a sense of determination. I am a new mom and had to juggle studying, taking care of the baby, and other chores. It shows that nothing is impossible if one prepares one’s mind and focuses,” she said

Asked why she chose to receive her qualification in Polokwane instead of Pretoria where she works, the Unisan from Ximausa Village, Limpopo Province, said that since she planned to spend her vacation leave with her family in Limpopo she chose the leave period that falls within the graduation period so that she could celebrate with her family at close range. After having received approval for her leave, she requested Graduations Office to move her graduation to Polokwane.

Ndobe already has a National Diploma and BTech in Animal Health. She contemplates furthering her studies at honours degree level in the area of business administration.

Ploughing back into communities

In the same ceremonies of Mbombela and Polokwane, four doctoral degrees were conferred.


  • Dr Paulo Mateus Antonio Uache (DLitt et Phil)
  • Esewu Mxolisi Mathebula (DLitt et Phil)


  • Dr Themba Shingange (Doctor of Theology)
  • Dr Olubnmi Ogbodu (DLitt et Phil)

Prof. Mandla Makhanya (Principal and VC) during the Mbombela graduation ceremony

Throughout the series of ceremonies in the North Eastern Region, Professor Mandla Makhanya, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, reminded the graduates not to forget their family members as the latter provided them with various forms of support during their studies.

“You should thank your family members who supported you throughout. Put to good use, what you learned, for your family and community. Education does not mean that you should neglect your family and think that they are less important,” he said.

The VC also emphasised the importance of the spirit of ploughing back into communities and universities in order to enable other equally deserving students to also have access to education and other opportunities which could change their lives positively.

“We should mobilise each other to serve humanity. We have to accept that society expects universities to be part of the solution finders. We are not prescriptive on the amount that you should plough back to the university. It can be R10, R100, or more. The amount that you donate would make a huge difference in the lives of many other students,” he concluded.


Graduates obtained qualifications in various disciplines during the Mbombela graduation ceremony

*By Gilbert Mokwatedi
Manager: Communication and Marketing
North Eastern Region

Publish date: 2019/06/21