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Psychology strips you naked

On 11 March 2017, the Port Elizabeth Regional Office hosted a Psychology Day. Students from Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas registered in the discipline were invited to attend the event. The aim was to motivate all students who were interested in becoming behavioural health practitioners (psychosocial professionals) and to uplift their hope in the profession.

Professional local psychologists were invited to share their career/ academic and work experiences and motivate the students in perseverance. There were only four speakers, three of whom were clinical psychologists, while one was a counselling psychologist (Port Elizabeth student counsellor). Eastern Cape Regional Director Motale Nkgoang welcomed students and guest speakers.

J Ndlela (Counselling Psychologist, Unisa Student Counsellor), U Ngwetsheni (Clinical Psychologist: Dora Nginza Hospital and Private Practice), Z Dlulane (Clinical Psychologist: Uitenhage Clinic and Private Practice), Z Mavumengwana (Clinical Psychologist: Dora Nginza Hospital) & Motale Nkgoang (RD: Eastern Cape)

85 students who attended on this day listen attentively to the speakers. Psychology and social worker students asked questions and were answered by the guest speakers. At the end of the session, students requested another psychology forum in this nature as they felt they needed more time with the psychologists.

Motale Nkgoang (RD: Eastern Cape) makes his way to his seat, followed by Raseela Daya (Regional Service Coordinator). All outside guests were young black females who studied at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Motale Nkgoang (RD: Eastern Cape) welcomed everyone to the shores of the Port Elizabeth office.

Unisa students signing the attendance register and ushered by regional peer helpers.

Z Mavumengwana (Clinical Psychologist: Dora Nginza Hospital) told students: "Do not let people judge your level of competence by your age."

Z Dlulane (Clinical Psychologist: Uitenhage Clinic and Private Practice): "Psychology strips you naked."

U Ngwetsheni (Clinical Psychologist: Dora Nginza Hospital and Private Practice) spoke persuasively about the importance of hard work and the strenuous course of MA Psychology.

Many students were excited about this initiative. PE Unisa Student Counselling promised the attendees that the programme would be repeated. Other students commented that it was long overdue to have such programmes and that it was the first of its kind in Port Elizabeth for psychology students.

*By Nontsikelelo Gasa

Publish date: 2017/03/31