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Gauteng Region enables students and staff to connect

Nothing could stop determined current and prospective students from across the Gauteng Region to connect with their institution of choice – Unisa. The extreme cold and drizzling weather that persisted throughout the day could also not deter or discourage those students from attending the Unisa Open Day, recently held at the Ekurhuleni Regional Service Centre in Daveyton.

Students ready to receive info and related support from exhibitors

Upon their arrival on the premises, students found energetic and enthusiastic Unisans waiting for them, ready to shape futures in service of humanity. Parents and guardians also attended; some accompanying their children and beneficiaries; whilst others were there to source info on behalf of their children who could not make it to the venue. 

Ms Sandra Sondhlane of the Johannesburg Regional SRC (in the middle) posing for a photo with a group of visitors.

In the run-up to this event, the Gauteng Region had put together logistical support to prepare and make the venue ready for the big day. The local organizing committee that the Gauteng Region put together comprised representatives of various service units including the Regional SRC.

Support departments such as University Estates and ICT Services were also up to the task to ensure that other than knowledge and information; students, parents and exhibitors also find conducive environment (from facilities, maintenance and network connectivity perspective).

Following a warm welcome to the visitors by Ms Pat Lethole, Manager of Ekurhuleni Regional Service Centre; the dedicated Unisans from various colleges and support departments were equal to the task; responding to all types of queries from visitors in true Unisa style and ethos as espoused in the Service Charter; i.e. student centeredness and collegiality.

The efforts of Unisans were confirmed by the results of the snap survey that was conducted amongst students (current and prospective) and parents/guardians. Participants reported their overall satisfaction with the service offered through the Open Day activity. Participants responded to the following five key questions that were put to them. All those who participated in the snap survey responded in the affirmative. 

  • Whether the event met their expectations.

  • Whether the information they got assisted with their career choices

  • Whether the timing of the event was appropriate

  • Whether staff were helpful

  • Whether they were satisfied with the overall event. 

Mr Thabo Makwakwa of the Johannesburg Regional SRC interacts with students.

Ms Sandra Sondlane of the Johannesburg Regional SRC said they were happy to be part of the activity that promoted service delivery.

“We really appreciate to have participated in this event. Through such, we also learn and grow as students and we are proud to be Unisans as we continue to strive for quality education in our lifetime.  Through commitment and support; we will continue to strive for the benefit of the students and education, and that's why we are proud to be Unisans,” she added. 

The Johannesburg Regional SRC overseers four service centres, i.e. Ekurhuleni, Florida, Johannesburg and Vaal. The Unisa Open Day is an annual activity that takes places in various regional service centres across the country. It is aimed at empowering current and prospective students to make informed decisions about their studies at Unisa.

* By Gilbert Mokwatedi

Publish date: 2018-08-06 00:00:00.0