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AI in curriculum and learning development

The Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Committee of the Directorate for Curriculum Development and Transformation (DCDT) recently held a workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Curriculum and Learning Design and Development.

The AI workshop, facilitated by Professor Johannes Cronjé (CAPUT), was a comprehensive exploration of the intersection between AI and educational practices. It delved into various aspects of AI application in curriculum development and learning processes.


Prof Johannes Cronje from CAPUT

Dr Devan Govender initiated the workshop with a warm welcome, setting the tone for the day's discussions and activities.

Cronjé introduced attendees to the paradigm-shifting concepts of artificial intelligence, posthumanism, and Rhizome Theory, providing a new perspective on curriculum development. This was followed by a session on leveraging AI for brainstorming and structuring content outlines, emphasising its potential to enhance creativity and efficiency. Participants further explored the role of AI in designing learning outcomes and assessment strategies. Cronjé elucidated the application of AI in facilitating discovery, structuring information, and developing content, offering insights into innovative approaches to curriculum design.


Workshop on the use of AI in Curriculum and Design and Development

Ethical considerations regarding the integration of AI in teaching and learning processes were discussed, highlighting the importance of responsible AI deployment. Cronjé also outlined strategies for intelligent assessment in the era of AI, emphasising adaptive and personalised evaluation methods.

Dr Gaba Moleko thanked participants and facilitators for their contributions, bringing the workshop to a fitting conclusion.

The workshop on AI in Curriculum and Learning Design and Development provided a platform for robust discourse and knowledge exchange, underscoring the transformative potential of AI in education. Participants departed with enriched perspectives and actionable insights to inform future curriculum practices in the digital age.


*By Directorate for Curriculum Development and Transformation CPL committee assisted by ChatGPT

Publish date: 2024/07/04

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