First-year experience at Unisa

Online learning

The use of myUnisa platform is a big part of your online learning. As a student you are expected to be able to access your study material on the myUnisa platform while you wait for your study material to be delivered; participate in Discussion forums; submit Assignments online; and attend e-tutoring for some of your modules.

Step 1: Accessing your study material

Your study material is available on myUnisa. This means that you can start studying immediately, even if you do not receive your printed study material straight away.

In addition to giving you prescribed study material, your lecturer may also refer you to recommended study material on myUnisa.

Click on the screencast below to find out more about how to access your study material.

Step 2: Discussion forum

Lecturers and e-tutors may ask you to participate in discussion forums as part of your assessment.

Click on the screencast below to find out more about participating in discussion forums.

Step 3: Assignment submission

Before submitting an assignment on myUnisa, make sure that you have located the correct assignment on myUnisa.

To locate the correct assignment which you intend submitting on myUnisa, follow these steps:

  1. Click on More Sites.
  2. Click My Admin.
  3. Click on Assignments.
  4. Identify your module code under the Course column.
  5. Double check that the unique assignment number given in your tutorial letter is the same as the number in the Unique No column.
  6. Click on Submit to proceed to the next assignment submission step.

Click on the screencasts below to see further steps to follow when submitting assignments.

multiple choice.jpg

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Last modified: 2020/08/19