myModules 2022 unavailability

Dear Unisa community,

The University implemented the new learning management system with the hope of resolving the then existing challenges it had with its old system. This was done to introduce new dynamic ways of teaching that ensure optimal engagement with students thereby contributing towards their success. While the new system was stressed tested to afford the University confidence in its optimal performance, we are now faced with challenges associated with new system implementations. The frustrations felt by students and academics, due to the unstable system performance, are well understood and recognised. The project team expresses its sincere regret and profusely apologises for the current situation. 

We will be extending assignment due dates once we are fully operational. In doing so, several considerations were taken into account: 

  1. We acknowledged that students may not have had access to their study material leading up to their assignment submission; 
  2. Some students do not have access to their module sites due to late registration; 
  3. Certain assignments are fully online, and students were not able to complete their assignments offline; and 
  4. Some students were not able to submit complete responses as their connectivity was interrupted. 

While the project team is working to restore myModules 2022 sites to full functionality, all these and other matters will also be attended to. The due dates for all Semester 1 assignments will be extended, in a staggered manner, to ensure that the academic assessment strategy is implemented as intended. 

Extended assignment submission deadlines will be communicated to students through their myModules 2022 sites, once the system is fully operational. 

We apologise again for the inconvenience caused. 

Publish date: 2022/03/15