What happens when you complete your Unisa qualification?

Did you know that Unisa hosted 116 graduation ceremonies during 2017? Or that there are two graduation periods each year: March to June for students who wrote second semester or year module examinations, and September to October for students who wrote first semester examinations?

During 2017, we awarded a total of 45 014 degrees, diplomas and certificates, including 331 doctorates and 1 073 master’s degrees. By graduating from Unisa, our graduates have proved their dedication, determination and commitment. We’re truly proud of them!

But if you have recently finished your qualification (or will be finishing it at the end of the year), you’re probably wondering when you’re going to receive your invitation to a graduation ceremony. Perhaps these FAQs will help to answer your questions:

When will I receive confirmation that I have completed my qualification?

After the examination results are released, a final-year student’s record is audited by the Directorate: Student Admissions and Registrations to verify the completion of the qualification prior to the qualification status being changed from "final year" to "completed". The audit will be finalised as soon as possible after the examination results have been released. Your academic record will show "qualification incomplete" or "final year" until the audit has been completed.

What happens once my qualification status has been changed to "completed"?

Unisa will send an e-mail to your myLife e-mail account or an SMS informing you that you have completed your qualification. An Advance Statement of Results – which will also confirm the completion of your qualification – will be e-mailed to your myLife e-mail account.

Once you have received your electronic notification regarding the completion of your qualification, please visit to access your graduation details.

Who will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony?

Students who have completed a three-year diploma, postgraduate diploma or a bachelor, honours, master’s or doctoral degree will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony.

Students who have completed a postgraduate certificate or an undergraduate (one or two-year) diploma or certificate will be awarded their qualifications in absentia. This means that your qualification is awarded in your absence and your certificate will be posted under registered cover within two weeks of the ceremony.


What happens if I owe Unisa outstanding fees and / or library material?

You will not receive any notification about the completion of your qualification if you have a pending disciplinary hearing, or owe any outstanding fees or library material.

What happens if I receive the FI concession and re-mark results after the closing date for graduation ceremonies?

You will receive a transcript confirming the completion of your qualification. Your qualification will be awarded during the next graduation ceremonies scheduled for the next semester.

Please note: When Unisa grants a second exam opportunity through an FI concession, it does not mean that you will graduate during the current graduation ceremonies.

Publish date: 2018/10/08