Unisa students – Take action against contract cheating

Enlisting the help of a third party to complete examinations, assignments or coursework on your behalf is considered contract cheating. Examples of contract cheating include

  • paying for services to complete an exam or assignment.
  • allowing someone to access your myUnisa account or module site to assist with assignments.
  • uploading and sharing course material to sites that have not been vetted by the university and which claim to offer study help or tutoring.

Contract cheating usually occurs due to a lack of time or understanding of assignment content or course expectations. The risks are, however, far greater than the benefits of this practice. Those who engage in contract cheating risk devaluing the quality of a degree, threaten the security of student identity and data, and jeopardise the reputation and brand of the institution. 

Some of the consequences of contract cheating include receiving zero for an assignment or exam, suspension, expulsion or even the revocation of a degree or credential. 

You can help prevent contract cheating by

  • doing your own work.
  • not accessing "study help" websites where student work is posted.
  • notifying the university if you find any Unisa course material on sites that are not connected to Unisa. 
  • forwarding communication soliciting help with assignments in exchange for payment to Unisa.

The university appeals to students with any information on dishonest or fraudulent activity related to Unisa exams to report it to the Fraud/Corruption Hotline on telephone number 0800 005 311.

Publish date: 2020/10/22